Value of Biogas - Call for Abstracts & Sponsorship Opportunities

Once again, the CBA will be hosting two exciting and informative annual conferences in 2019, one in Vancouver, British Columbia on January 15-16th, and another in Ontario in late March. Value of Biogas WEST and EAST are Canada’s Premier Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Conferences, and the best way to connect with the industry network. A call for abstracts is out and we encourage you to send your submission by September 14 to augment the topics in our programs. Interested in enhancing your company’s biogas expertise to municipal, industrial and agricultural sectors in Canada? Consider any of the sponsorship opportunities available for either or both Value of Biogas conferences.

Using RNG to Ease Emissions – CBA National Post Letter to the Editor

CBA submitted a letter to the National Post in response to an opinion article in the Financial Post that described RNG as an expensive technology that will cost consumers and do little to reduce carbon emissions.  The CBA responded that to the contrary, RNG is a proven, economical, low-carbon technology with significant environmental benefits.  The published response is available to members.

Natural Resources Canada Renewable Natural Gas Workshop

On June 11th, CBA Executive Director Jennifer Green participated in an RNG Workshop hosted by NRCan in Ottawa as a presenter and moderator.  Over 100 individuals from federal Government, provincial and municipal governments, private stakeholders, industry and industry organizations attended with the goal of increasing the basic understanding of RNG and learn what is needed to take RNG from concept to policy support to advance the industry.

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Premier-Designate Doug Ford Announces and End to Ontario’s Cap-and-Trade Carbon Tax

On June 15th, Premier-designate Doug Ford announced that his cabinet’s first act following the swearing-in of his government will be to cancel Ontario’s current cap-and-trade scheme and challenge the federal government’s authority to impose a carbon tax on the people of Ontario Ford also announced that Ontario would be serving notice of its withdrawal from the joint agreement linking Ontario, Quebec and California’s cap-and-trade markets as well as the pro-carbon tax Western Climate Initiative. The Premier-designate confirmed that he has directed officials to immediately take steps to withdraw Ontario from future auctions for cap-and-trade credits. The government will provide clear rules for the orderly wind down of the cap-and-trade program.

Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas Provides Thought Leadership for G7 Summit on Sustainable Energy for Waste Streams

The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG Coalition) has been selected by Climate Change - The New Economy (CCTNE), the leading publication on Climate Change at the G7 and COP Summits, to write the lead statement on the role of policy in promoting sustainable energy practices for this year’s G7 Summit in Canada. The RNG Coalition’s piece in the publication, authored by Director of Public Affairs Marcus Gillette, exhibits the growth of the North American renewable natural gas industry in recent years as a leading example of the success of national clean fuels programs like the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS). Read the full press release here.

Renewi’s Waste-to-Biogas Facility Hits ‘Full Service’

Waste-to-product specialist Renewi has reached full service on its organic biofuels contract with the City of Surrey, BC according to a company announcement. The 14,323 square metre facility converts residential and commercial organic waste into biogas, which will be used to fuel the city’s natural gas powered waste collection vehicles and operations service vehicles, as well as the district heating system. According to Renewi, the facility will process more than 115,000 tonnes of waste a year, producing approximately 120,000 GJ of biogas to be used as vehicle fuel. The company claims that it is one of the largest organic biofuels infrastructure facilities in North America.

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UK AD and World Biogas Expo 2018

UK AD and World Biogas Expo 2018

July 11-12, Birmingham UK

RNG WORKS: Technical Workshop and Trade Expo

September 11-12, Denver CO

Rolling Out the Recycling Red Carpet

September 19-21, Banff AB

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August 25

CBA Calls for Policies to Create Sustainable Biogas and RNG Business Models Across Canada

August 25

CBA Calls for Policies to Develop RNG Markets in Ontario

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June 28

Enertec Engineering

Enertec Engineering is an industry leader specialising in the design and delivery of complete heating systems. Located in Beamsville, Ontario, the mechanical engineering firm has been serving the agriculture and agri-food sector since 2003.  Founded by mechanical engineer Kevin VanWingerden and agrologist John Lelie, the southwest Ontario-based pair were and continue to be well suited to provide solutions to the agriculture sector.

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