Value of Biogas East

Don’t miss this opportunity to continue building your networks and learn at the RNG Workshop and Value of Biogas East Conference in Toronto on March 23 and 24. Check out the great line up of speakers on the Value of Biogas website and register today. Sponsor opportunities exist to profile your company at Canada’s premier biogas events.

RNG Workshop for Municipalities & AGM

The CBA is hosting the second Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Workshop for municipalities on March 23rd in Toronto. This free half-day workshop is part of a series of targeted communications for municipal and public sector staff to learn more about this important renewable fuel recognized in Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan. Learn more about the CBA’s RNG Outreach and Market Development initiative here, and register for the workshop here.

Ontario Net-metering Third Party Ownership and Virtual Net Metering

CBA responded to the Ontario’s government proposed enhancements to Ontario’s net metering program related to third-party ownership and virtual net metering.  The CBA supports these ownership structures as an avenue to provide more flexibility and capital to biogas projects, and emphasized that further incentives are needed to make the net metering program economically viable for biogas projects.  CBA’s Net-metering Third Party Ownership and Virtual Net Metering submission is available to members.

Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) for Gasoline Consultation Session

The CBA participated in the consultation session for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) for Gasoline on February 9th in Toronto.  The purpose of the session was for the province to get feedback on the design options under consideration for a modernized RFS as outlined in their discussion paper to inform the development of a regulatory proposal for a modernized RFS in Ontario.  The province is considering flexibility mechanisms such as allowing investments in low-carbon transportation projects and activities to lower the carbon intensity of other conventional transportation fuels to also be eligible for compliance purposes. The CBA will be preparing a submission to recognize RNG as an alternative fuel in the proposed RFS. The MOECC is accepting submissions until March 12, 2017, further information can be found under EBR 012-7923.

CBA Presents at AQPER Conference

On Thursday February 16th, CBA’s Executive Director, Jennifer Green, presented at the AQPER 2017 Symposium in Quebec City on the Canadian landscape for biogas and renewable natural gas (RNG), current policy drivers, and momentum building provincially and federally in Canada.

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Discussion Paper on the Clean Fuel Standard

Environment and Climate Change Canada released a discussion paper on the Clean Fuel Standard on February 24th. Interested parties may submit comments by mail, email or fax, on or before April 25, 2017.  The purpose of the discussion paper is to facilitate consultations by seeking early views to help inform the development of the regulatory framework in advance of developing a Clean Fuel Standard. The Clean Fuel Standard will be a modern, flexible, performance-based approach that would incent the use of a broad range of lower carbon fuels, alternative energy sources and technologies, such as electricity, hydrogen, and renewable fuels, including renewable natural gas.

Posting of Ontario’s Updated Net Metering Regulation

On February 10th, 2017, Ontario posted an amended Net Metering Regulation (O.Reg. 541/05) to e-Laws. The amended regulation is intended to help transition the microFIT program from a generation purchasing program to a net metering program, an evolution that was proposed in the 2013 Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP). The 2013 LTEP also identified the opportunity to expand and enhance Ontario’s net metering program.

Alberta Bioenergy Grants Protect Jobs, Diversify Economy

The Alberta government is giving 31 bioenergy companies short-term funding to support the low-carbon industry. The $60-million Bioenergy Producer Program will support 500 direct jobs and is part of a larger effort to help companies succeed in Alberta’s low-carbon future. Of the facilities receiving funds, three are under construction, meaning new jobs and over $200 million in new investment to the province. The grants will help keep 1.5 megatonnes of emissions out of the air. More details can be found here.

U of G Part of $1.5-Millon “Energy Neutral” Waste Water Treatment Project

The University of Guelph is taking part in a novel $1.5-million initiative – backed by the federal government – that aims to eliminate energy costs for waste water treatment. The project aims to achieve energy neutrality in waste water treatment by reducing demand and by recovering energy from biogas. U of G will work with GE to test new anaerobic digestion technology, using advance bio-solids treatment to improve biogas production and kill pathogens. Read the full story here.

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RNG Workshop for Municipalities & AGM

March 23, Toronto ON

Value of Biogas East

March 24, Toronto ON

International Biomass Conference & Expo

April 10-12, Minneapolis MN

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Canadian Biogas Association Encourages the Use of Biogas to Achieve Canada’s Climate Strategy Goals

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ClearBlue Markets is an Ontario-based carbon market company whose team of cap and trade professionals has pioneered the carbon markets since 2000.  ClearBlue focuses on the Ontario cap and trade markets and the California/Quebec Western Climate Initiative cap and trade market and advises entities on how to navigate through the complexities of cap and trade.  They provide expertise in carbon sales, carbon advisory, offset sales and development, structured deals, and market analysis.

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