2018 Value of Biogas East- Only 3 Weeks Remaining!

Learn what’s next for biogas and RNG in Canada!  Register today for Canada’s largest biogas and RNG event – The 2018 Value of Biogas East in Gatineau, QC on March 22nd and 23rd. The conference will profile policy developments and address the topics affecting biogas and RNG today including challenges, opportunities, innovations, developments, and case studies for agricultural, municipal, and industrial projects. Attendees of the 2018 Value of Biogas East will benefit from key learning experiences and valuable networking opportunities in the Canadian biogas sector.

Free Session for Municipalities: Moving Towards a Circular Economy

On March 22nd from 8:00am to 12:30pm in Gatineau, QC the CBA is hosting Moving Towards a Circular Economy. This free half-day session will look at landfill organic waste bans and consider implications for municipalities and opportunities for RNG energy project development. Learn about the value-added opportunity to convert organic feedstock into RNG, basic costs and considerations and lessons learned from other jurisdictions. The workshop is free; however, we ask that you register to confirm your attendance to ensure we can accommodate participant interest.  Note that this workshop will be held prior to the Value of Biogas East conference. Consider registering for the full event to take in more valuable sector information and networking.

Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas Limited Renewable Natural Gas Request for Proposal

The Government of Ontario, through the Ministry of Energy, intends to use Cap-and-Trade funds to enable Ontario’s gas utilities to procure RNG from sources such as landfills, waste water, agricultural waste, source-separated organics and municipal green bin programs while ensuring that the procurement of RNG is cost-neutral to customers. To support this initiative, Enbridge Gas Distribution (EGD) and Union Gas Limited (Union) are inviting interested companies to submit proposals for the sale of RNG to EGD or Union for a term of up to 10 years.  If your RNG production facility is located in Ontario, please confirm that your facility is located within EGD’s franchise area  or Union’s franchise area in order to be able to inject into the distribution system.  If you are interested in submitting a proposal for the sale of RNG to the utilities, please complete a brief survey for EGD or a survey for Union to receive the RFP package which includes additional information on the process.

Now Available - Study on Fuelling Farm Vehicles with Compressed Biogas

The study on Fuelling Farm Vehicles with Compressed Biogas completed by the CBA with support from Natural Resources Canada is now available online.  This study investigates the technical feasibility and value of using compressed biogas as a vehicle fuel to displace diesel in converted farm vehicles.  The study aims to educate farmers and technology providers on opportunities to utilize biogas to fuel farm vehicles, evaluate applications and provide a cost-benefit analysis.

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NRCan Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities Program

Federal Natural Resources Minister James Carr announced the creation of a new $220 million Program to reduce dependence on diesel generation in rural and remote communities and industrial sites. Two core programs will work directly with project proponents and communities: (1) Clean Energy for Rural and Remote Communities: BioHeat, Demonstration & Deployment Program Streams and Capacity Building Stream (2) Northern Responsible Energy Approach for Community Heat and Electricity (REACHE) – a $53.5 million commitment over the next 10 years for the deployment of renewable energy projects in northern communities to reduce their reliance on diesel for heating and electricity through the use of local renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.  A new website has been established to find information on federal programming to reduce diesel use in rural and remote communities. NRCan has also created a portal to help determine whether specific projects might be eligible for support.

Ontario Long Term Energy Plan Implementation

On February 21st, the IESO and OEB published their respective strategies on how to implement the government’s 2017 Long Term Energy Plan (2017 LTEP). The IESO report, entitled Putting Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan Into Action, outlines the timing and process for implementing the ten distinct initiatives. Each one of the initiatives includes an initial stakeholder engagement process, whereby the IESO will solicit feedback from interested parties on the program or policy design.  The OEB’s report, entitled The Ontario Energy Board’s Implementation Plan, describes the 14 initiatives that the OEB will implement to help meet the goals and objectives set out in the 2017 LTEP.  Similar to the IESO report, many of the initiatives being undertaken will also include a process to consult with stakeholders.

Ontario Supporting Technologies to Fight Climate Change

Ontario is supporting the development of new, globally competitive low-carbon technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas pollution and fight climate change. This investment is part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan and is funded by proceeds from the province’s cap on pollution and carbon market. Reza Moridi, Minister of Research, Innovation and Science launched the new Cleantech Strategy on February 13th, which will help cleantech companies launch products and services, find new customers, and scale up in a global market that is expected to be worth $2.5 trillion by 2022. Read the full press release here.

Town of Banff, Alberta RFI – Processing Municipal Organic Feedstocks into Value-Added End Products

The Town of Banff has posted a Request for Information (RFI) to discover potential processes or technologies that could support the Town to achieve its goals of transforming municipal organic feedstocks into valuable end products, while minimizing GHG emissions, and maximising overall environmental benefits.  The RFI is intended to reach out to the potential technologies in the Town of Banff context. All relevant documents can be found on the Alberta Purchasing Connection AB-2018-01291. The submission deadline is March 23rd, 2018.

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Value of Biogas East

March 22-23, Gatineau QC

Global Methane Forum

April 16-18, Toronto ON

Biomass Conference & Expo

Biomass Conference & Expo, April 16-178, 2018

April 16-18, Atlanta GA

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