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CloseAthlone Farms

Athlone FarmsAthlone Farms is a dairy and cash crop farm owned and operated by Brian and Wendy Anderson. The farm is on 600 acres of land and currently milks 130 cows. The Andersons worked with PlanET Biogas Solutions to install a 2,077m3 anaerobic digester that is capable of producing up to 500kW of power. The digester menu includes manure and other organic input, and the Andersons hope to use the separated solids from the digester for bedding under the cows in their free stall barn.
CloseBayview Flowers Ltd.

Bayview FlowersBayview Flowers is a greenhouse operation that grows potted plants and cut flowers under 340,000 square feet of greenhouses. In 2007, Bayview installed a 1,200m3 anaerobic digester with the involvement of PlanET Biogas. Manure, Grape Pumice, Corn Silage, Pet food and other organic materials are fed into the anaerobic digester which produces biogas to fuel a 250kW Scania generator as well to burn in a retrofitted boiler. Electricity is sold to the electrical grid and heat is used in the greenhouse operation.

Address: 3764 Jordan Road, Jordan, Ontario, L0R 1S0 – Google Map

Contact: Gary Verkade, (905) 651-4849,;
Christine Dobbin (905) 562-7321 ext 336,

Accepting Feedstock: Capacity is 4,000-6,000 tonnes per year of food waste
CloseThe Gardiner Farms

Ben Gardiner FarmsThe Gardiner Farms cattle feedlot is producing electricity and thermal energy offsetting the prior purchase of energy produced using fossil fuels. They are using former waste streams, manure and organic material, to generate biogas to fuel two 250kW CHP units.
CloseBirchlawn Farms

Birchlawn FarmsBirchlawn Farms is a dairy, swine and crop farming operation, owned by the Terpstra family. The farm has 1,200 head of cattle and 2,400 acres of crop land. The farm's 1,800m3 anaerobic digester was installed with the help of DLS EnviroSolutions Inc. and is connected to a Seva Energy combined heat and power system with a 440kW CAT engine. Input for the anaerobic digester includes on-farm materials and outsourced organic waste from food processing plants. Heating from the generator is used to heat the farm buildings, the AD, some of the water as well as to supplement the grain dryer. While the liquid portion of the digestate is used to fertilize the farm's land, the solid portion is used as animal bedding.
CloseC.A.R.E.S. – University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus

C.A.R.E.S.CARES, a program formed by the University of Guelph's Ridgetown Campus installed a 1,527m3 anaerobic digester in 2010 to provide a medium to develop new methods and technology, train students and farmers and strengthen the renewable energy sector. Input for the AD is provided by the campus' organic waste, which includes dairy and swine manure and crude glycerol from its biodiesel plant. The AD is connected to a 250kW MAN engine supplied by Martin Machinery.

Address: GPS 42.451806, -81.876629 – Google Map

Contact: Kim VanOverloop, (519) 784-2612,

Accepting Feedstock: Frequency of delivery: 2-3 times weekly, Monday-Friday from 8am to 3:30pm; Volume: 20-30 cubic meters total weekly; Only liquid (i.e., pumpable) food waste and must me capable of hooking up to an 8-inch female camlock fitting on the underground storage tank.
CloseCarleton Corner Farms

Carleton Corner FarmsCarleton Corner Farms is a dairy operation with 550 head of dairy cattle, including milking cows. The farm includes 1,300 acres planted to corn, soy, alfalfa and wheat. Carleton Corner Farms constructed a biogas system comprised of two 1,500m3 anaerobic digesters involving PlanET Biogas which collects biogas to fuel a 500kW MWM generator.

Address: 9500 Carleton Corner Lane, Marionville, Ontario, K4R 1E5 – Google Map

Contact: Brian Burnett,
CloseCCS agriKomp

CCS-agriKompCarbon Control Systems owns a farm based biogas system located in Millbrook, Ontario. The project consists of a 100kW engine that is fueled using biogas collected from a 680 cubic metre anaerobic digester and a 2,700 cubic meter digestate storage. The biogas system uses manure from the farm's beef herd and a local dairy herd, silage, crop residues and FOG. CCS-agriKomp provided complete planning, design and installation of the project.

Clearydale FarmsClearydale Farms is located in Spencerville, Ontario, Canada. Clearydale is a family-operated cash crop & dairy farm which was settled in 1843. The Cleary Family is the seventh generation to run the farm. The anaerobic digester project began in 2006. The digester which went online in May 2013 is producing 500kwh of electricity.

Address: 3100 Goodin Road, Spencerville, Ontario, K0E 1X0 – Google Map

Contact: Douglas Cleary, (613) 498-7611,

Accepting Feedstock: Liquid or solid feed stock storage and use available. No sorting capacity available for plastic, garbage, etc.
CloseClovermead Farms

Clovermead FarmsClovermead Farms is a family dairy farm which has about 150 cows, and 475 acres of corn, alfalfa, and mixed grains. Clovermead installed a 1,500m3 anaerobic digester with the help of Stonecrest Engineering. Manure and other organic materials are fed into the anaerobic digester, which supplies fuel for the 250kW generator, installed by European Power Systems Ltd.
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Chatsworth/Georgian BluffsThe biogas system is co owned by the Township of Georgian Bluffs and the Township of Chatsworth. The anaerobic digester is a two stage process with a 100m3 hydrolysis tank and 1,000m3 digester. Inputs for the system include biosolids, grease trap waste, source separated organics, and other organics. The fuel supplies a 100kW Martin Machinery generator.

Address: 62111 Side Rd 3, Owen Sound, Ontario, N4K 5N5 – Google Map

Contact: Peter Paquette, Director of Operations, (519) 376-2729 ext. 229,;
Troy Unruh, Public Works Operator – Bio-Digester, Township of Georgian Bluffs, (226) 668-3239,

Accepting Feedstock: No on-site storage, so delivery is about once a week, smaller loads are better. The size of the truck would be a limitation. The volume depends on the material: can accept about 8/9 tons of solids; can accept about 40 cubic metres of liquids.
CloseDelft Blue Veal Inc.

Delft Blue VealDelft Blue Veal is a veal calf operation of 2,700 calves and a division of Grober Inc., which provides fresh, frozen, and cooked veal and other meat products to top Canadian markets. The farm installed a 1,750m3 anaerobic digester (AD) to convert calf manure and discarded organic residuals provided by food processing companies into biogas. The company accomplished the project with the help from PlanET Biogas Solutions and Martin Machinery. The AD provides biogas to run two engines producing 499kW of electricity.
CloseDonnandale Farms

Donnandale FarmsDonnandale Farms is a dairy operation with 700 head of cattle, including 300 milking cows. The farm also crops a total of 1,700 acres of which 1,000 acres is cashcropped. Donnandale Farms has diversified their farm by adding a biogas system to their operation. This system is comprised of two anaerobic digesters (1,600m3 each), and a 500kW MWM generator. Manure and other organic materials are primary inputs to the biogas system. Electricity is sold to the electrical grid and heat recovered for the farm and biogas system.
CloseEilers Farm

Eilers FarmAddress: 69799 Goshen Line, Lot 8, Conc. 11, Township of Stephen, Municipality of South Huron, Ontario

Contact: Gerd Eilers, cell (519) 281-1296;
Stephen Eilers, cell (519) 872-3484

Accepting Feedstock: For solids we have three bunker silos 40' x 60' x 10' to handle up to 600 tonnes anytime;
For liquids we have two concrete tanks (150m3 each) with easy unloading for liquid and semi-solid by-products;
Both receiving tanks are set up for pasteurizing.
CloseFepro Farms

Fepro FarmsFepro Farm in Cobden, was the first biogas farm in Ontario and has been operating for six years. It is a dairy farm run by Paul and Fritz Klaesi and sons, with 300 head of cattle, including 142 milking cows. The farm also has 350 acres of corn, 70 acres of small grain and 210 acres of alfalfa. The farm originally had a small digester coupled to a 50kW generator, but has since expanded to a 2,500m3 digester and 500kW generator. The digester is fed with a mixture of manure and off-farm wastes. apart from generating electricity for sale to the grid, the heat from the engine is used to heat the farmhouses and a corn dryer.

Address: 520 Government Rd. Cobden, Ontario, K0J 1K0 (White water township) – Google Map

Contact: (613) 646-2797, cell (613) 401-9797

Accepting Feedstock: 1500-2000 tons of liquid or solid material (big dump truck)
CloseFerme Geranik

Ferme GeranikFerme Geranik is a first generation farm consisting of 250 Holstein cattle, 480 acres of soy, corn and hay, and 80 acres of cashcrop. Ferme Geranik is also part of a cheese co-op, which produces a variety of local cheeses from the farm's dairy. The Benoît family built a 1,000m3 anaerobic digester connected to a 370kW generator to diversify their farm, generate a second income without having to expand their farm operation, and save on energy costs for their farm.
Address: 1821 route 900 west, St-Albert, Ontario, K0A 3C0 – Google Map

Contact: Gerald Benoît, (613) 987-5428, cell (613) 880-5429,

Greenholm FarmsGreenholm Farms is a family dairy farm, milking 190 cows with an additional 750 acres of feed and cash crops. The farm is operated by father-son team, Gord and Dave Green, following generations before them – the Green family has been in farming since 1854. The Greens worked with PlanET Biogas Solutions to install a 2,077m3 digester system and are able to produce 250kW of energy using recycled digestate solids, organic waste, and the manure produced by their cattle.

Address: 35th line 356508 R.R.#1, Embro, Ontario – Google Map

Contact: Dave Green, (519) 535-8999; Gord Green (519) 535-0157;

Accepting Feedstock: Can take food waste materials but cannot pasteurize.
CloseHarvest Power Ontario

Harvest Power OntarioHarvest owns and operates an Ontario-based Energy Garden that uses low solids anaerobic digestion technology to turn 65,000 tonnes per year of mixed food scraps into electricity and fertilizer granules. The facility accepts all types of food waste, including meat, dairy, liquids, and packaged food items on pallets.
CloseJockvalley Farms

Jockvalley FarmsJockvalley Farms is a family farm comprised primarily of dairy and cash crop. Adding a 1500m3 anaerobic digester was a decision made for economic reasons as well as for sustainable agriculture. Biogas fuels a 500kW MWM generator, with the electricity produced supplying the grid and the recovered heat supporting the biogas plant and farm. The development of the biogas plant is comprised from many different sources within the industry, numerous local trades aided in the completion of this project.

Address: 8331 Bleeks Road, Ashton, Ontario – Google Map

Contact: Shane Mowat, cell 613-229-3747, home 613-838-3747,

Accepting Feedstock: Only minutes from Highway 416, Highway 417, and Highway 7; Easy year round access to the facilities and available to accept large quantities of a variety of organic materials.
CloseKirchmeier Farms

Kirchmeier FarmsKirchmeier Farms is a dairy farm comprised of 90 dairy cattle, over 100 beef cows, and approximately 1,000 acres of land supporting the dairy-cashcrop operation. Cattle manure and fats, oils and grease are the inputs for the farm's 1,500m3 anaerobic digester (AD). The AD was installed with the help from CH-Four Biogas Inc., ANF Energy Solutions and local technicians. The biogas system is connected to a 499kW MWM generator.
CloseKoskamp Family Farms

Koskamp FarmKoskamp Family Farms from Stratford, milks 375 Holsteins, they run 900 acres of land. They installed a 1,500m3 anaerobic digester and in December 2013 expanded it to 3900m3 with the help of Dairy Lane Systems (DLS) . Manure and other organic materials (DAF) are fed into the anaerobic digester, which supplies fuel for the 500kW plant (2x250kW SEVA units mann engines), installed by DLS.
CloseLedgecroft Farms

Ledgecroft FarmsLedgecroft Farm is a dairy farm located in Seeley's Bay with 500 head of cattle, including 225 milking cows, and cropping 1,100 acres of high moisture corn and forages (alfalfa, corn). Ledgecroft Farm installed a 1,500m3 digester, designed by PlanET Biogas in 2009. The digester is fed with manure and off farm material, and runs one 499kW generator.

Address: 354 Back Street, Seeley's Bay, Ontario, K0H 2N0

Contact: Ben Green, (613) 536-8262,

Accepting Feedstock: Willing to receive clean liquid organic material, seven days a week.
CloseMarl Creek Renewables

Marl Creek RenewablesCarl Frook operates a cattle feeding operation which consists of 1,800 head. The farm is also associated with Marl Creek Renewables, which includes a 4,200m3 anaerobic digester designed by BioEN Power. Manure, milk, fats, oils and grease are fed into the anaerobic digester, which supplies fuel for the operation's two 250kW combined heat and power units. Electricity is sold to the electrical grid and heat recovered to assist in the anaerobic digestion process. The digestate produced is used as fertilizer for associated farmland.
CloseMaryland Farms

Maryland FarmsMaryland Farms is a dairy farm with 600 animals including cattle, calves and 250 milking cows. The farm also has 2,500 acres for corn, beans, hay, wheat and a cashcrop. To manage the large volume of manure, Maryland Farms installed a 1,500m3 AD with the help from CH-Four Biogas Inc, ANF Energy Solutions and local technicians. The farm's manure and fats, oils and grease from the urban centres are the primary inputs to produce biogas that fuels a 500kW MWM generator.
ClosePetrocorn Inc.

Petrocorn Inc.Petrocorn Inc. is a farm-based anaerobic digester that uses off-farm feedstocks consisting of pig manure, vegetable processing waste and fats, oils and greases. The biogas system is comprised of a 1,500m3 anaerobic digester, a pasteurizer, a hydrolyzer and produces enough biogas to supply a 500kW CHP unit.

Address: 935 County Road 19, Pendleton, Ontario, K0B 1C0 – Google Map

Contact: Michael Henrard, (613) 223-9417,

Accepting Feedstock: Solid organic waste from grocery store, packaged organics, grease trap fat, oil and grease, organic waste. Can take about 30 tonnes at once
ClosePinehedge Farms

Pinehedge FarmsPinehedge Farms is a dairy farm with its own dairy production plant producing organic yogurt, kefir and sour cream. The farm's dairy cows are fed by the farm's organic crops, which include hay, corn, soy and barley. Manure from the dairy cows as well as fats, oils and grease are fed into the anaerobic digester (AD), which was installed in 2007 with the help from Keller Engineering, CH-Four Biogas Inc, ANF Energy Solutions and 35 other professionals. The 500m3 AD is connected to a 99kW custom designed Martin Machinery generator.
CloseSchouten Corner View Farms Ltd.

Schouten Corner View Farms Ltd.Schouten Corner View Farms Ltd. is a dairy and cash crop farm located near Richmond in Ottawa, ON. We milk 580 cows with a total heard of 1300 head, we crop 4000 acres of corn, soybean, wheat and hay.

Our facility is 500 kw with a 4500m3 digester, 200m3 liquid waste tank, pasteurizer and two solid waste bunkers. We can receive both liquid and dry waste (CLEAN ONLY).

Facility Address: 6105 Malakoff Road, Richmond, ON
Facility contact: Rick Schouten 613-223-2020
Waste contact: Mike van Logtenstein DLS Biogas 519-670-6757
CloseSeacliff Energy

Seacliff EnergySeacliff Energy in Leamington Ontario is currently in phase one of its Anaerobic Digester (AD). A 1.6MW Toromont Cat genset will provide electricity to the grid and thermal power to the adjacent 6.5 acre organic tomato greenhouse plant (Pelee Hydroponics). Phase two, planned for 2012 will double the elecrical output to 3.2MW. BioEn delivered the AD design through Agrinz of Austria to use a wide range of agricultural based inputs.

Address: 1200 Mersea Road 1, Leamington, Ontario, N8H 3V7 – Google Map

Contact: Roger Tiessen, cell (519) 791-4198,;
Dennis Dick, cell (519) 796-2697,

Accepting Feedstock: Accepting 60,000 Tonnes annually, six days/week;
Food and beverage prep and processing waste, grocery, milling, etc.;
De-packaging capability – cans, plastic, cardboard;
Indoor receiving – 48' height facilitates semi dump trailers and off-pumping of liquids/slurries available.
CloseTerryland Farms

Terryland FarmsTerryland Farm in St Eugene. It is a dairy farm with 280 head of cattle, including 140 milking cows, and also 550 acres cropping corn, barley, soya and alfalfa. In 2006, Terryland Farms installed a 1,000m3 biodigester, designed by CH4 Biogas. The digester is fed with manure and off farm material, and runs two 180kW generators.

Vandermeer GreenhousesDescription
CloseCCI Dufferin

CCI DufferinCCI BioEnergy (CCI) designed, built, and operates the Dufferin Organics Processing Facility using CCI's technology platform, the BTA® Process. Owned by the City of Toronto, the facility opened in September 2002 to pre-process and convert the first 25,000 tonnes of source separated organics (SSO) collected annually in the residential and commercial Green Bin Program. In 2014/15 the City will be doubling the pre-processing capacity and choosing between cogeneration, pipeline biomethane, and a vehicle fuel to utilize the biogas produced by two digesters (8,800m3 total).
CloseCCI Disco

CCI DiscoCCI BioEnergy (CCI) developed a team to design, build, and operate the Disco Road Organics Processing Facility using CCI's technology platform, the BTA® Process. Owned by the City of Toronto, in December 2013 the 75,000 tonne facility began accepting source separated organics (SSO) collected in the residential and commercial Green Bin Program. In 2014/15 the City will be choosing between cogeneration, pipeline biomethane, and a vehicle fuel as the use for the biogas produced by two digesters (10,600m3 total).
CloseWoolwich Bio-en Inc.

Woolwich Bio-en Inc.Woolwich Bio-en Inc. is an industrial biogas facility using all food waste as feedstock. The facility has the ability to receive 70,000 tonnes per year of bulk liquids, solids, totes, pallets etc with capacity to decontaminate 25-30 m3/hr of feedstock. The CHP's produce 2.852 MW of electricity under a Feed-in Tariff contract with Ontario Power Authority.

Address: 50 Martin's Lane, Elmira Ontario, N3B 2A2 (for deliveries) – Google Map

Contact: Derek Martin, cell (226) 748 9160; Plant (519) 669 9179;
To make a deal for supply of feed-stock contact Travis Woolings, cell (519) 317-6756

Accepting Feedstock: Can receive any organic biodegradable liquid or solid clean or contaminated waste including SSO. Capacity to receive liquid tankers, walking floor, roll-off and dump trailers. Our normal receiving hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. Total permitted plant capacity of 70,000 t/a.

ZooshareAddress: 361A Old Finch Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M1B 5K7 – Google Map

Contact: Daniel Bida, (416) 258-1306,

Accepting Feedstock: We are open to having feedstock discussions with waste producers/haulers. Our primary constraint is that the material must be contaminant free, or close to it.