ClearBlue Markets

ClearBlue Markets is an Ontario-based carbon market company whose team of cap and trade professionals has pioneered the carbon markets since 2000.  ClearBlue focuses on the Ontario cap and trade markets and the California/Quebec Western Climate Initiative cap and trade market and advises entities on how to navigate through the complexities of cap and trade.  They provide expertise in carbon sales, carbon advisory, offset sales and development, structured deals, and market analysis.

The ClearBlue management team has worked on offset projects all over the world on policy, compliance management, trading and offset development for top firms in Europe and North America.  Observing the cap and trade climate in Ontario, they returned to Canada to contribute their compliance expertise and expansive experience of offset projects to play an active role in growing the Ontario carbon market.

ClearBlue provides targeted knowledge and experience to their clients. Their expertise in structured carbon deals means they can develop custom and innovative structures that best fit the profiles of their clients.  They work with the full scope of businesses on the compliance side, including major utilities, and with offset project developers, including biogas developers and farmers to assist them in claiming their offset credits.  Their network is an added value, as they can facilitate connections with buyers and sellers of credits.

With their extensive experience, ClearBlue recognises the potential value for the biogas sector and understands the issues and difficulties they will face in obtaining offset credits.  During their many years of developing offset projects, they have learned to overcome these hurdles as best as possible and work directly with biogas project owners and developers to ensure they are generating eligible credits to capture the carbon value.  ClearBlue’s Head of Carbon Sales, Michael Berends notes that since Ontario is still developing the offset regulation and protocols, they are playing an active role in encouraging the government to make the regulations and protocols as straightforward as possible for the biogas sector.  ClearBlue has contributed comments to formal submissions regarding offset regulations for several organizations, including the CBA.

In regards to the outlook for the biogas sector Berends feels the industry is well positioned to benefit from cap and trade as it can play a key role in reducing GHG emissions.  He says “The carbon market is an excellent opportunity for a new revenue stream from biogas projects, but we believe there are still challenges ahead.  Now is the time to ensure the policy is in place to support biogas projects and set the stage for future market opportunities”.

ClearBlue joined the CBA as members this month, and Berends shares that “We decided to become a member because we saw biogas as an excellent opportunity for offset projects and wanted to be engaged with the growing network of biogas owners and developers.  We see an opportunity to use this relationship to support them as well, and our incentive is to grow the market on their behalf”.  Having lived and breathed carbon markets for the last 15 years, Berends sees many opportunities for growth in the biogas sector and is looking forward to being an active member of the Canadian Biogas Association.

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