Martin Energy Group

Martin Energy Group is committed to providing customized engine solutions to the Canadian biogas industry.  Martin Energy Group is an original equipment manufacturer for generator packages, mainly in North American markets.  With over 350 packaged engines operating in 6 countries, Martin Energy Group is actively involved in manufacturing and supporting gaseous-fuel generator sets for combined heat and power (CHP), peaking, and other power generation platforms up to 1450kW.  Their generators are operating and producing power from a wide range of biogas sources, including agricultural waste streams, landfill gas, and sewerage gas.

Martin Energy Group is based in the United States, with offices in Missouri and Pennsylvania.  While Martin Energy Group has always provided services in Canada, they have recently made a commitment to their expansion into Canada and hired their first Canadian team member, Craig Martin, as the Customer Support Technician in January of this year.  Craig notes that “Martin Energy Group saw a lot of potential in Canada with the growth in the biogas market over the last few years”.  Craig is Martin Energy Group’s Canadian presence providing personalized support and technical assistance to clients across the country. John Hawkes, a Canadian Biogas Association (CBA) board member, has also been contracted to help in a sales role.

Martin Energy Group can design and manufacture complete power plant packages customized to suit any application.  They evaluate each project individually to meet the needs of their customers prior to completing the engineering and design. The Martin Energy Group shop has full design, manufacture, and engineering capabilities, and can include components such as custom-made frames and containers to suit site conditions, and controls and logic to monitor gas quality, consumption, and pressure.  Martin Energy Group also offers ancillary equipment such as biogas scrubbing equipment, gas conditioning, flare systems, and carbon monitoring equipment to capture offset credits. 

Having worked in the biogas industry for 6 years, Craig has observed biogas becoming a lot more mainstream as evident by growing interest and increased attendance at the Value of Biogas Conferences year after year. As for the future of the industry, Craig notes “There is a question about where the industry is going with FIT ending and how CHP will fit in.  We have a wait and see approach, but there may be a potential market for remote generation as are people looking to produce power for themselves”.

Craig has been a member of the CBA in the past, and encouraged Martin Energy Group to join as it gives them a place to connect with potential customers and increase their representation in the Canadian market.  Martin Energy Group joined as members in March 2017 and look forward to their involvement with the CBA.

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