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Team Biogas, a division of Seahold LLC, is a company whose mission is to realize the renewable fuel value of organics, and links innovations in research, equipment and technology with anaerobic digestion system operators.

Team Biogas, located in Perris, California, supports biogas instrumentation from lab scale to production scale and has been providing products and services across North America since 2009.

“We provide expertise for new researchers looking for improved accuracy and measurement,” says Tom Hintz, CEO.  “This includes sourcing new and used equipment for lab testing, and tapping our extensive testing network for biomass feedstock and materials.”

Team Biogas facilitates intermittent testing of organics that are critical to monitoring and maintaining the optimal running capacity of AD systems. Through their Anaerobic Digestion Lab Test Network they also promote strategically located University Research Centers providing a wide variety of lab tests to a large number of AD systems focusing on better performance. If adding a feedstock, like FOS/TAC, or adding micro-nutrients, the company leverages its knowledge and network of almost 100 researchers and facilities to analyze the potential impact on the AD system.

“We add depth to someone’s bench,” says Hintz, who is an economist by training. “I support the pursuit of different business models for anaerobic digestion projects. We have seen, in the market, that RNG (renewable natural gas) and CNG (compressed natural gas) as the end use of the fuel produced, has the greatest potential for creating a positive revenue stream for the project. This makes anaerobic digestion much more favorable for the owner and investor.”

In terms of the Canadian market, Hintz finds the knowledge base is high in academic circles related to AD. He characterizes the Canadian market as “European in thinking and North American in practicality.” With the change in the Canadian dollar, the company has been challenged with keeping services affordable, but points out that if Canadian producers want to sell products in the US, and take advantage of the dollar differential, they should talk to Team Biogas.

Hintz believes that the resources produced and published by the Canadian Biogas Association are of high quality, and are particularly valuable; The Canadian Biogas Study, the organic materials primer, and the guides for municipalities and farmers on a range of topics, all assist producers and the full range of biogas stakeholders. How can Canada learn from the US’s biogas development path? Hintz recommends focusing on RNG as a vehicle fuel. The low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) and other incentives in the US have led to economic viability for a range of projects. In Canada, existing infrastructure can be leveraged to transport the RNG, and the sector can take advantage of its unique advantages over wind and solar energy. Team Biogas is interested in supporting the important work of the Canadian Biogas Association, and is also actively promoting membership to a range of biogas industry stakeholders. For more information, contact:

Mark Hintz



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