Biogas Experience

Today in Canada, there are well over 100 operating biogas projects generating renewable electricity and heat, and close to a dozen RNG facilities across Canada. The map of Canadian biogas projects illustrates the cluster of biogas development producing either electricity or RNG which are predominately located in BC, Ontario and Quebec, and the variety of projects developed by farmers, municipalities and commercial private sector entities.

Biogas delivers energy when Canadians need it. Biogas is flexible, renewable power that can interface uniquely with a diverse energy mix. Biogas generates energy independent of weather and can produce renewable electricity or be stored in existing natural gas infrastructure, for generation at combined heat and power hosts. RNG can be produced to meet all of the technical standards and requirements of conventional natural gas, and therefore offers the same degree of versatility, at the same time as using existing infrastructure and avoiding stranded assets within Canadian communities. These investments can leverage existing infrastructure and storage capabilities and create lower-carbon, resilient energy systems.