About Us

Who We Are

The Canadian Biogas Association is a member-driven industry organization that supports the diverse needs of the biogas and renewable natural gas (RNG) sector with the goal of building a strong, robust biogas & RNG industry in Canada. We represent over 175 member companies that span the interests of biogas & RNG production. Our collective voice provides a strong perspective in advocating for opportunities and policies as well as educating and connecting like-minded companies and individuals.


We envision biogas & RNG as an integrated, adopted, valued contributor helping Canadians achieve a clean, green climate for the future.

What We Do

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ADVOCATE for supportive policy and programs that position our industry for growth and maintaining frequent contact with key decision makers and stakeholder involvement.

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COMMUNICATE with members by sharing timely information on events, industry activities and news and developing tailored resources for dedicated campaigns.

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EDUCATE stakeholders to enhance the awareness, level of research and knowledge of the industry and creating new materials for the delivery of information of the production and development of the biogas & RNG industry.

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CONNECT members to creating meaningful and robust networks that foster pathways for knowledge transfer and collaborating in the industry.