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April 29 2019

Carbon site EDLSince EDL began operation over 30 years ago, they have become one of the leading global producers of sustainable distributed energy.

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Cameron Instruments Inc.

February 27 2019

Cameron Instruments Inc.Cameron Instruments Inc. supplies specialty instrumentation and calibration services to industries across Canada. A small, family owned company headquartered in Guelph, ON founded by Neil Cameron, Cameron Instruments was formed in 1990 after an amalgamation with Cameron Products which had been in operation since the late 1960’s. Nick Grayson, Director of Sales, has been with Cameron Instruments since 1999 and in 2013 purchased the company from the previous owners.

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Canada Tank Solutions Inc.

November 29 2018

Canada Tank Solutions Inc. (CTSI) is a proudly Canadian owned and operated company specializing in customized storage solutions for various industries.  CTSI engineers, supplies, and constructs tanks across the country for biogas, wastewater, dry bulk and energy applications.  They currently represent several tank suppliers to supply their clients with the right solution.

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Fepro Farms

October 30 2018

Fepro Farms, owned by Paul, Fritz, Michael and Elias Klaesi, was an early adopter of on-farm biogas in Canada and currently has a well operating 500 kW biogas facility running on 15000 tonnes per year of dairy manure, corn silage and off-farm material.  Fepro Farms is located near Cobden, Ontario.

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Andion North America Limited

September 27 2018

Andion North America LimitedAndion North America (NA) Limited is redefining waste.  Incorporated in 2017, the technology company is building on over 20 years of project expertise offering proven and comprehensive solutions for waste to energy and wastewater treatment plants.

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Bio-En Power Inc.

August 30 2018

Bio-En Power Inc., a Canadian developer and operator of large anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities, knows how to make biogas consistently and reliably out of a wide range of organic liquids and solids. To date, they have built 4 large-scale projects in the Americas totalling 345,000 tonnes of waste processing technology and more than 9 MW of installed capacity.

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City of Toronto

July 30 2018

On July 20, 2018, the City of Toronto (City) announced a partnership with Enbridge Gas Distribution (EGD) to build its first renewable natural gas (RNG) facility. The facility will be located at the City’s Dufferin Organics Processing Facility and utilize the biogas produced from processing Toronto’s green bin organic waste. Through the partnership, EGD will install technology to clean and convert the biogas produced through anaerobic digestion into RNG and then condition and inject it into its natural gas distribution grid. Once in the grid, the RNG can be used to fuel the City’s Solid Waste collection fleet, generate revenue in external markets or a combination of the two. The Dufferin Organics Processing Facility is currently undergoing an expansion to increase its organic processing capacity from 25,000 to 55,000 tonnes. The expansion and the RNG project are expected to be complete in the fall of 2019. Once up and running, it is estimated that the RNG facility will produce approximately 5.3 million cubic metres of RNG annually, enough to fuel 90% of the City’s Solid Waste collection fleet.

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Enertec Engineering

June 28 2018

Enertec Engineering is an industry leader specialising in the design and delivery of complete heating systems. Located in Beamsville, Ontario, the mechanical engineering firm has been serving the agriculture and agri-food sector since 2003.  Founded by mechanical engineer Kevin VanWingerden and agrologist John Lelie, the southwest Ontario-based pair were and continue to be well suited to provide solutions to the agriculture sector.

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Bartels Environmental Services Inc.

May 30 2018

Founded in 2001, Bartels Environmental Services Inc. is a family-owned and operated enterprise and a recognized industry leader in digestate management.  Serving biogas facilities across Ontario, Bartels Environmental provides liquid and dewatered digestate management from start to finish.  They source, transport, and land apply NASM, ASM, and CFIA material for beneficial reuse on agricultural land, limiting the need for commercial, synthetic fertilizers.

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Direct Energy

April 30 2018

Direct Energy

Direct Energy is one of the largest competitive retail energy suppliers in North America. They are active in 24 states in the U.S. and 8 Canadian provinces. Their Canadian operations are headquartered in Calgary and focus mainly on Alberta and Ontario.  With approximately 5,500 employees across North America, Direct Energy serves nearly 5 million residential and commercial customers offering a full suite of energy services.

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February 27 2018


Bluesource specializes in leveraging environmental markets to generate value for projects with positive environmental impacts.  Bluesource is the longest standing project developer in environmental markets in North America and has been working with companies, government and NGOs for over 20 years to reduce and mitigate environmental impacts.

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January 29 2018

Iogen is a leading technology firm based in Ottawa specializing in cellulosic biofuel.  Founded in 1975, they are the single most long standing second-generation biofuels company in the world.  Iogen also has more than 300 issued and pending patents relating to transportation fuels from cellulosic derived materials, including an innovative use of refineries to incorporate biogas-derived renewable hydrogen as renewable content in conventional gasoline and diesel fuels.

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Xebec Adsorption Inc.

November 28 2017

Xebec Adsorption Inc.Xebec Adsorption Inc. is a homegrown Canadian gas purification technology company experiencing global success. Headquartered in Blainville, QC, Xebec designs, engineers and manufactures innovative products that transform raw gases into marketable sources of clean energy.

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October 30 2017

BIOFerm Image 1BIOFerm is a leading provider of turnkey anaerobic digestion and gas upgrading facilities in North America.  As a former member of the Viessmann Group, a family-owned German company founded in 1917, BIOFerm is now the exclusive North American licensee of Viessmann biogas and gas processing technologies.

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Grimsby Energy

September 27 2017

Grimsby Energy Photo 1Since it began operation on August 10th, Grimsby Energy’s anaerobic digester in Grimsby, Ontario has been continuously generating electricity from agricultural waste.  Grimsby Energy was incorporated in 2000 and is a subsidiary of the Town on Grimsby along with the wires company, Grimsby Power.  The idea for Grimsby Energy to generate electricity using anaerobic digestion originated in 2009 when the board of directors of Grimsby Energy, including co-chairs Joe Panetta and Shafee Bacchus, were looking for avenues to raise more revenue for their shareholders.

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PlanET Biogas Solutions

August 28 2017

PlanET (pronounced “plan-e-t”) Biogas Solutions is a full turnkey biogas solutions provider specializing in design, construction, service, and financing.  Located in St. Catharines Ontario, PlanET was incorporated in 2006 and is a wholly owned subsidiary for PlanET Biogas Group GmbH, based in Vreden, Germany.  PlanET Biogas Group GmbH has been around since 1998 and ranks among the leading biogas plant builders in Europe and Germany, and has designed, constructed and serviced over 400 anaerobic digestion systems worldwide.

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July 29 2017

Located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Bähler provides its customers with high-quality solutions for biogas tanks for the agricultural, municipal, and commercial sectors.  Bähler has a long history in agriculture and have been specializing in the construction of all types of livestock buildings for over 25 years. Bähler began building biogas tanks in 2008, starting with agricultural projects in Ontario and since then has been involved with many of the bigger biogas project in Quebec and Ontario.

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Petawawa Renewable Power Corporation

June 29 2017

Petawawa Renewable Power Corporation (Petawawa) is a Dufferin County-based developer that has been active for nearly 8 years in the development of renewable energy projects in Ontario.  Petawawa started in wind energy and diversified into the solar energy business, with four solar projects presently under development in partnership with international engineering companies.  Petawawa is currently exploring new bioenergy opportunities.

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York University

May 30 2017

York University strives to be a leading post-secondary institution for sustainability. York University in Toronto was founded in 1959 and is the 3rd largest University in Canada. Their long-term perspective recognizes their responsibility to be innovators and to continually work as a community to reduce their ecological impact.

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Martin Energy Group

April 27 2017

Martin Energy Group is committed to providing customized engine solutions to the Canadian biogas industry.  Martin Energy Group is an original equipment manufacturer for generator packages, mainly in North American markets.

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Lethbridge Biogas

March 29 2017

Lethbridge Biogas LP owns and operates one of Canada’s largest non-municipal anaerobic digestion facilities in Lethbridge, Alberta and has been in operation since late 2013. The Lethbridge biogas plant is a commercial site that collects material from various sources and generates electricity to sell to the Alberta grid.

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ClearBlue Markets

February 28 2017

ClearBlue Markets is an Ontario-based carbon market company whose team of cap and trade professionals has pioneered the carbon markets since 2000.  ClearBlue focuses on the Ontario cap and trade markets and the California/Quebec Western Climate Initiative cap and trade market and advises entities on how to navigate through the complexities of cap and trade.  They provide expertise in carbon sales, carbon advisory, offset sales and development, structured deals, and market analysis.

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Azura Associates

January 31 2017

Azura Associates International Inc. focuses on making anaerobic digesters (AD) run better. Azura is an AD focused technical execution, regulatory compliance, and industrial advisory firm. Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Azura serves customers across North America. They offer services on bioprocess monitoring, microbiology optimization, and troubleshooting of biogas systems.

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The City of Hamilton

November 29 2016

The City of Hamilton with a population of approximately 535,000 is Canada’s 10th largest city. Providing this community with top quality water and wastewater treatment services is Hamilton Water’s number one priority. Not only does it provide these services reliably and efficiently but it also keeps a close check on the emissions created in its water treatment processes.

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October 25 2016

FortisBC is an energy distributor in British Columbia serving approximately 1.1 million people in 135 communities. In 2010, FortisBC Energy Inc. received approval from the British Columbia Utilities to develop the supply of renewable natural gas (RNG) for its customers. The RNG program was then developed and launched to residential customers in June 2011. Shortly after, the program was expanded to include commercial customers in March 2012. 

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