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Adicomp is an Italian company also based in the United States, specializing in the compression and treatment of different types of gas. With more than 25 years of experience and more than 9,500 skids in operation, Adicomp is today one of the world’s leading players in designing and manufacturing packages for biogas, biomethane, natural gas, landfill gas and carbon dioxide.

For biogas upgrading, Adicomp provides oil injected, rotary screw compressors suitable for wet biogas, feeding membrane, PSA, amine and pressure water scrubbing purification.

Large Compressor

Adicomp is pleased to have worked with Sysadvance North America on a biogas and RNG project in Wisconsin. This project involves processing 750 scfm of biogas sourced from dairy manure in anaerobic digesters.

Sysadvance’s innovative PSA (pressure swing adsorption) biogas upgrading system technology will be used to purify the biogas for final injection into the local gas pipeline.

Designed to minimize downtime risks, reduce operating expenses, and increase overall project profitability, the project achieves a high methane recovery rate exceeding 99%.

This important venture operates thanks to Adicomp gas compressor package, which integrates a gas treatment system. The compressor, with an oil injected rotary screw block, is suitable to work continuously with a high availability and at the same time requires a single yearly maintenance.

Thanks to the inverter control it can handle flow rate fluctuations with the maximum efficiency. The integrated gas treatment system ensures a gas quality suitable to the requirements of the upgrading system.

The compressor package is suitable for stand-alone installation for a fast installation and commissioning.

In this configuration is equipped with:

  • Duction gas filter
  • Dewatering & re-heating system
  • Fine gas filtration
  • Heat recovery
  • Inverter control and by-pass circuit

Adicomp has been a member of the Canadian Biogas Association since 2021, and an avid supporter of the Value of Biogas conferences.

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