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With their membrane technology operating in more than 150 plants in North America alone, Evonik has made quite the impression on biogas & RNG since it began working in the space a bit over a decade ago.

Initially entering the market as a provider of biogas-upgrading membranes, the company has gone on to expand its product line to support a full range of gas processing membranes. Evonik is dedicated to developing and furthering product technologies that help companies and communities reach their sustainability goals.

Figure 1
Figure 1: Example of a Canadian biogas upgrading plant with Evonik membranes at London, Ontario (photo courtesy of Hitachi Zosen Inova and Storm Fisher)

Hitting sustainability targets, fighting climate change, working toward a circular economy and decarbonizing industries are all keys to creating a greener future. Evonik believes the solutions and progress for all of these can be achieved at every level, by providing options for individuals to use green gas in their homes and taking actionable steps to solve the waste problem.

“People want to have green gas at home, and RNG is a way to get there,” says Erik Hoving, senior business manager. “Wind and solar are nice, but you still have to solve the waste problem, biogas can provide a circular solution.”

Evonik’s executives and management team are a key reason for the company’s success. Alongside high expectations for putting out effective and efficient technology, they also provide support for innovation. There’s a push to get things done quickly, to help grow not only the company and customers, but also the biogas & RNG industry as a whole.

Andrew Venanzi, business development manager goes further, “We’re trying to build growth and success for not only our business, but for the entire industry. Introducing new products that enable our customers to break into new segments or reach new goals – that’s our driving motivation and passion because we want to grow more than just Evonik.”

The organization sees continued evolution coming to Canada. There’s “nothing but growth and healthy competition”, with 10 biogas plants already using Evonik technology and more coming in the near future. There is a bright and sustainable future ahead.

Figure 2
Figure 2: Meet Evonik's biogas team in North America (photo Evonik®)

Being a part of the Canadian Biogas Association (CBA) makes a lot of sense for companies like Evonik, as the CBA works toward a common goal of making biogas & RNG a top choice in the fight against climate change.

“We aren’t necessarily competing with other companies when we all have a common goal. We all want to help customers and actively fight for sustainability. Whether we’re competitors or customers working together, we share a common goal of growing a successful and climate-positive biogas & RNG industry for all of our futures,” say Hoving and Venanzi.

Educating those in decision-making roles, sharing findings and new opportunities and networking are all advantages the CBA provides that are helping push the industry and our world forward.

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