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John Hawkes, Martin Energy Group

John heads up Digester and CHP project development and sales for Martin Energy Group in Ontario and Quebec. John advocates for small scale digesters for the average dairy farmer. In 2017, John installed a 20 kw packaged digester at Harcolm dairy farm and is working on the Carbon Neutral Dairy Farm with support from BLOOM and BioEnterprise. Prior to this John was CEO of Angus Power, a company involved in renewable energy projects of all technologies. John has been involved in Biogas development since 2010 when he led the design of the digester for Woodbine Racetrack and was a founder member of Zooshare the 500kw digester at Toronto Zoo. Since John has been involved in most aspects of energy and biogas from engineering to financial viability to manufacturing, he has a wide angle view on distributed power needs of small scale users. John can be reached at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).