Andion North America Limited

Andion North America LimitedAndion North America (NA) Limited is redefining waste.  Incorporated in 2017, the technology company is building on over 20 years of project expertise offering proven and comprehensive solutions for waste to energy and wastewater treatment plants.

Based in Vancouver, Andion NA’s CEO, Phillip Abrary, saw an opportunity to import European experience and know how and adapt this to the North American market. The technology that Andion brings to North America originated in Italy and is based on a combined total of more than 180 projects consisting of 52 biogas facilities and 133 wastewater treatment plants.  Daniele Chiodini, Andion NA’s VP Business Development who has been in the waste to energy business for 12 years highlights “Since the Canadian landscape is different than Europe, the experience of the Canadian team comes into play adapting the technology to the North American market.” 

Andion North America Limited 2Andion NA defines itself as a one stop shop that can not only deliver world class turnkey solutions but also engages with its clients and provides expertise throughout the project development, permitting and financing stages of the project. Their main area of focus is waste to energy using a wet anaerobic digestion process on difficult feedstock such as packaged commercial and industrial food waste, expired products and household waste. This technology also applies to agricultural inputs like manure and energy crops.

Andion NA offers their own patented pre-treatment solution that was developed out of their in-house research and development program.  The TORNADO fully automated depackaging system processes a wide range of feedstock and seamlessly removes packages and plastic bags.  The system also has an integrated grit removal system to reduce contamination impacts downstream.  The TORNADO is containerized, has low energy consumption, low maintenance cost, and a unique system of inert removal.

Andion NA provides a complete waste to energy solution that includes waste water treatment technology. Chiodini explains “Our proven zero discharge design can transform the organics into a resource while producing clean water, clean energy, and fertilizer.”  Andion NA’s deep experience, in-house process expertise, and complete selection of technologies make it possible to efficiently handle a variety of organic feedstock.

Andion NA takes care of the customer from the beginning of the project right through the development phase.  Andion NA provides laboratory testing, pilot facility and operations supervision services to ensure continued optimized operations and support for project developers for the duration of the development process to bring the project online. Andion NA also provides processing management and supervision support during the operation and maintenance of the facility.

Andion NA became a member of the CBA in March 2018. They joined because they see the potential of being part of an association that advocates for the industry and are interested in contributing their expertise and knowledge to boost the biogas industry. Chiodini adds that “We know a joint effort is a crucial part of developing a fantastic technology that redefines the old waste management system.”

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