Bartels Environmental Services Inc.

Founded in 2001, Bartels Environmental Services Inc. is a family-owned and operated enterprise and a recognized industry leader in digestate management.  Serving biogas facilities across Ontario, Bartels Environmental provides liquid and dewatered digestate management from start to finish.  They source, transport, and land apply NASM, ASM, and CFIA material for beneficial reuse on agricultural land, limiting the need for commercial, synthetic fertilizers.

The Bartels family are farmers and business owners who started the enterprise looking to play a role in the creation of sustainable solutions for soil management and the best use of reusable products for the farm.  Bartels Environmental, an industry leader specializing in soil nutrient management programs, began by working with municipalities to bring their biosolids to the land. As the biogas industry grew in Ontario, customers approached them looking for similar services on the digestate side and their business expanded to include digestate management services. 

Bartels Environmental offers a streamlined solution to biogas facilities.  They are an integrated solution provider for digestate management, with a focus on beneficial reuse products and programs. They identify land and storage options, transport and haul the digestate, perform land application for beneficial reuse, offer facility cleanout and maintenance, and dewatering services when needed.  They believe in using the very best equipment to optimize efficiency and performance.  Their team finds that farmers are receptive to application of digestate to their crops upon learning about the benefits and added organic matter. Bartels Environmental closely monitors the quality of digestate through lab analysis to ensure CFIA compliance and customer satisfaction.

On the outlook for the digestate side of the biogas sector Ron Nienhuis, General Manager at Bartels Environmental shares they are optimistic about growth opportunities in the industry due to the recently published Ontario Food and Organic Waste Framework.  He notes that municipalities co-digesting biosolids and source separated organics is a very interesting trend which will have a positive impact on the industry.  Potential also exists in the industry for value-added products from digestate and is a growth opportunity for the province of Ontario and Canada.

Bartels Environmental became CBA members in November 2017.  They joined the CBA for the learning opportunities, staying current on the trends in the industry and networking with other organizations within the biogas industry.  They recognize that their expertise and extensive service offering is something that biogas plants can benefit from especially since in some cases digestate management may not have been thoroughly considered early in the process.  By being a member of the CBA, Bartels Environmental is in a good position to gain more exposure and educate the industry about their available services.

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