Bluesource specializes in leveraging environmental markets to generate value for projects with positive environmental impacts.  Bluesource is the longest standing project developer in environmental markets in North America and has been working with companies, government and NGOs for over 20 years to reduce and mitigate environmental impacts.  In the majority of cases, Bluesource will partner with organizations that have the potential to produce RNG or reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to develop and monetize the renewable fuel credits or carbon offsets for the project owner.

Bluesource is active across North America and is a leading project developer in US renewable fuel standard attributes (RINs), California low carbon fuel standard credits (LCFS), GHG offsets with the Western Climate Initiative states and provinces and other carbon markets such as Alberta and B.C.  It serves these markets with offices in Toronto, Calgary, San Francisco and Salt Lake City.  They have a proven track record of successful GHG offset and RIN/LCFS development for biogas projects across Canada and the U.S., including voluntary offsets in Ontario and long-standing projects resulting in significant value to anaerobic digestion of animal waste in Alberta.

Bluesource is knowledgeable of the options available to utilize biogas and monetize environmental attributes.  They help their clients understand the risks, timelines and which environmental markets will be best placed to leverage their specific project. Jamie MacKinnon, Vice President of Environmental Solutions adds “We feel the biogas sector has a great deal of potential with respect to leveraging environmental markets to generate value, but also a difficult policy context in today’s market.  We help biogas producers navigate these challenges to pursue the project opportunity.”

On outlook for the industry, MacKinnon sees a significant opportunity for biogas producers that can find their way through the policy challenges in the current environmental markets.  The approach requires some foresight in dealing with some of the complexity of the markets, with the mixture of clear opportunities in the United States to sell RNG and generate RFS credits with significant value and developing provincial and federal policies in Canada.

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Bluesource became a member of the Canadian Biogas Association (CBA) in January 2018. On why they became a member, MacKinnon shares “We’ve collaborated with the CBA on input for offset development and some of the provincial policy development on RNG and have found the level of discourse and engagement to be very professional.  We want to be a part of these policy level discussions and membership with the CBA is a good way to be involved.”  As many of their current and potential partners are members of the CBA, Bluesource also looks forward to developing relationships and exploring how they can provide value to biogas and RNG projects.

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