Efacec and InfraBiz


Efacec is a Portuguese-based EPC contractor with a presence in 60 countries and over 2000 employees worldwide. The face of Efacec in Canada is InfraBiz who specializes in business development for international companies who want to explore the North American infrastructure and construction market. From market intelligence, strategy to business development,  InfraBiz operates in renewable energy, transit and transportation, sustainable resource exploration and complex engineering structures.

Efacec started operations in 1948 as an electric company producing wires and transformers. Over six decades they have increased their services to include many industries and applications, such as waste treatment systems and renewable energy engineering. Efacec has three business segments: products such as transformers, switchgear, service, and automation; systems including energy, environment, and transportation; and electric mobility. They provide integrated turnkey contracting solutions ranging from project design, development and commissioning.


Efacec is strategically positioned to transform waste into a valuable resource with experience in waste and biogas valorisation systems including mechanical treatment, anaerobic digestion, composting and biogas upgrading systems with solutions using a wide range of different feedstocks like Municipal solid Waste, Industrial Waste, Organic and Agricultural waste. Efacec has many MBT plants and Biogas references worldwide, that combined produce more than 210 MWh/year of clean energy from AD, landfill gas, and wastewater treatment plant sludge.

One of Efacec’s most prominent projects is located in Korskro, Denmark and is one of the biggest biogas plants in Europe with a capacity of 708,000 tonnes/year of agricultural and industrial organics and biogas production 37 MNm3/year.  Another notable project is the Malta North Waste Treatment Facility, which supports Malta in achieving its highly challenges waste management targets.


One of Efacec’s business advantages is its internal engineering expertise and its global procurement practices.  Since Efacec can design and build complete turnkey systems in-house, their services tend to be less expensive than most companies with similar offerings.  Efacec’s team will consider all the technology combinations in terms of engineering to find a production solution without being bound to a specific technology provider allowing them to source the best equipment for the facility.

Efacec is currently expanding activity into North America with a number of discussions around new projects. Efacec and InfraBiz are exploring establishing a subsidiary in Canada in a region with active RNG development.  InfraBiz joined the Canadian Biogas Association on behalf of Efacec in December 2019 to be involved in the Canadian biogas sector and gain better networking and knowledge of the market.

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