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HRS Heat Exchangers facility

HRS Heat Exchangers is a global company started nearly 40 years ago by CEO Steven Pither offering innovative and effective heat transfer products worldwide to a variety of sectors, including biogas.  Originally the business worked mainly in the HVAC market and over decades the business has expanded and through acquisitions has grown into a global brand working in many industries and applications.

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Matt Hale, International Sales and Marketing Director, describes HRS Heat Exchangers as heat transfer specialists with a focus on “managing energy efficiently”.  Hale adds “We offer solutions to the biogas industry from digester heating and cooling to exhaust gas heat recovery exchangers and full turnkey pasteurisation and digestate concentration systems.”

HRS Heat Exchangers expansion into the biogas industry arose naturally from their extensive experience over 25 years in the wastewater treatment industry providing corrugated shell and tube heat exchangers that are successful with wastewater sludge, which is very similar to digestate. HRS Heat Exchangers is most proud of their energy efficient pasteurisation and digestate concentration systems that reduce customer costs and carbon footprint.

HRS Heat Exchangers specializes in designing and building bespoke units and systems, fully customised to the customers specifications.  In addition to the customized systems, HRS Heat Exchangers also offers turnkey options such as the Digestate Pasteurisation System (DPS) specifically designed to meet the requirements of pasteurisation in the biogas sector. The DPS allows operators to maximize the efficiency of their overall process while meeting regulatory requirements.

HRS Heat Exchangers facility

On the future outlook of the industry Hale shares “We see growth in the industry globally, we will continue to develop innovative solutions as well as delivering successful projects for our trusted solutions.” While the company has many biogas references in Germany and the United Kingdom, HRS Heat Exchangers are growing their business in North American with an office in Atlanta and partnerships and projects in Canada and the US.

HRS Heat Exchangers joined the CBA as members over a year ago.  Hale explains “We see association membership as a key to talking to the right people and getting knowledge of how different countries approach the industry. We also are members of the World Biogas Association as well as many local biogas industry associations.”

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