Sauer Compressors USA, Inc.

Sauer Compressors USA

Sauer Compressors USA is the North American arm of the parent company Sauer Compressors based in Kiel, Germany.  The first compressors were designed and manufactured in Kiel in the 1930s and the company quickly gained a reputation for high quality, high performance piston compressors designed for demanding applications. The company expanded into North America nearly 15 years ago with Sauer Compressors USA.  Once established, Sauer Compressors USA expanded beyond their traditional industrial applications with high-pressure CNG compressors.  Navin Kaul, Country Manager for Canada, has been with Sauer Compressors USA since 2017 and manages all activity in Canada reporting back to the North American head office.

Sauer Compressors USA offers various selections of air and gas compressors with the Sauer and HAUG models.  Sauer acquired HAUG and now provides exclusive access to oil-free dry-running piston compressors manufactured in Switzerland with the highest quality and reliability. Kaul adds that “Sauer’s compressor offerings have been proven to handle biogas and RNG and we are currently supplying compressors for biogas, RNG, and LNG applications.”

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Sauer provides services every step of the way including engineering, start-up, and service.  Sauer offers a 30-year guarantee with all replacement parts supplied from the US. Unlike typical belt driven compressors, Sauer compressors are built and designed for continuous operation under heavy duty conditions. While belt driven systems heat up and require a shut down every 6-8 hours, whereas the shaft driven system can be run 24/7 continuous.

On the outlook for the biogas industry, Kaul shares that they foresee a lot of business with biogas and RNG because renewable energy is growing, and a lot of companies are looking to lower their carbon footprint.  They’ve also received a lot of interest from natural gas utilities looking for partnerships because their compressors are specially designed for natural gas applications and represent the most efficient and safe solution for CNG systems.

Sauer Compressors USA joined the Canadian Biogas Association as members in April 2019.  Kaul shares “The Canadian Biogas Association is the main platform for the biogas industry in Canada. We joined the association because we want to be at the forefront of the sector and maximize our involvement in the biogas community”.

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