Since WELTEC BIOPOWER was formed in Vechta, Germany in 2001, the company has designed and built over 300 anaerobic digestion plants in 25 countries around the world. WELTEC BIOPOWER provides full turnkey stainless-steel biogas plants, including CHP and biomethane upgrading plants for a variety of industries with plants integrated into abattoirs, creameries, vegetable packers, waste merchants and farms. In addition to designing and building, WELTEC BIOPOWER also owns and operates their own portfolio of RNG plants which further advances their technology and anaerobic digestion expertise of decades of valuable experience that they pass on to their customers.

One of WELTEC BIOPOWER’s latest biomethane plant, Lanes Farm Energy (Yorkshire, UK) was completed and handed over successfully well ahead of the January 31st, 2020 deadline. The plant went live with biomethane to grid on October 14th, 2019 after starting construction just 6 months earlier in March 2019. The plant accepts approximately 80,000 tonnes per year of organic waste and delivers 7.3 million Nm3 of biomethane to the gas grid, enough to power 9,600 households with sustainable carbon-negative energy. Feedstock for the facility consists of food waste, chicken litter, cattle manure and other agricultural wastes with some grass silage and hybrid rye to balance output. The plant reduces approximately 16,900 tons of carbon dioxide per year.

The Lanes Farm Energy biomethane plant is just one example of WELTEC BIOPOWER delivering a large and complex project successfully, on time and on budget. WELTEC BIOPOWER has over 80 dedicated professionals at the Vechta headquarters, and partners around the world. This experience positions the company amongst the global market leaders in AD plant design, construction and support with WELTEC BIOPOWER Service Department and Biology Departments available to clients 24/7. Despite current travel restrictions and trade show cancellations, WELTEC BIOPOWER is still available to clients as usual by phone, mail and Skype.

Dr Kevin Monson, International Sales Manager for WELTEC BIOPOWER, looks forward to continued success in the North American marketplace and delivering the many benefits that biogas can bring. “We can help Canada go green with renewable electricity and renewable transport fuel from indigenous wastes, greening agriculture and reducing reliance on foreign carbon-based energy”. Having successfully developed commercial/industrial, agri and food waste AD plants in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Finland, France, Korea, Uruguay and Australia in the past years (producing electricity, RNG and transport fuel) WELTEC BIOPOWER knows that the technology, processes and support structures behind their cutting-edge turnkey AD plants will be very well suited to the Canadian marketplace.

WELTEC BIOPOWER became a member of the CBA in February 2020. According to Dr Monson, “WELTEC made the decision to join the CBA because we recognised the excellent work the CBA are doing to promote the anaerobic digestion/RNG industry in Canada, and we wanted to support that mission. Membership of the CBA allows us to get to know the key figures in the industry, including the sub-suppliers, consultants, partners and ultimately clients with whom we will deliver success in the coming years.”

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