Member Benefits

Becoming a member of the Canadian Biogas Association enables farmers, municipalities, and food and waste processing companies access to current and timely information through our strong network of experienced professionals: technology suppliers; consultants; engineering companies; utilities, and; financial and learning institutions.

With a Canadian Biogas Association membership, you will benefit from:

  • opportunities to promote your business through our website, mailings, conferences, and tours
  • pertinent research and projects that advance and improve our industry
  • policy contributions that position our industry for growth
  • important information and professional resources for biogas
  • a cohesive network with other provinces to develop biogas across Canada
  • informative website and newsletter
  • notification of upcoming activities and events
  • keeping informed and current on pressing issues

CBA Members Agriculture Canadian agriculture and agri-food businesses are adopting innovative biogas technologies to diversify their markets, provide energy security, and manage environmental stewardship. Farms of various sizes and commodities have implemented and are succesfully operating anaerobic digestion facilities, while many others are in the process of researching and engaging professional services to inform a tailored solution for their agri-business.

CBA Members Food Producers Canadian commercial food processors are adopting corporate sustainability measures and cost reduction targets involving the diversion of organic materials and renewable energy alternatives to reduce their carbon footprints. Their make-up ranges from small local producers to the largest national food brand manufacturers. They have either moved ahead and are fully operational, or are in the process of engaging professional services to help inform a tailored solution for their organizations.

CBA Members MunicipalitiesMore and more Canadian municipalities are investigating organic materials diversion to enhance their waste management processes, produce renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Municipalities are evaluating Renewable Natural Gas as an environmental and sustainability measure to manage landfill gas collection, waste water treatment and source separated organics. Some municipalities have either moved ahead and are fully operational, or are in the process of engaging professional services to help inform a tailored solution for their communities.

CBA Members ConsultantsHaving direct access to consultants with proven industry know-how is more critical than ever before. Canadian municipalities, commercial food processors, and agriculture and agri-food businesses rely on the unique biogas project development expertise consulting firms can provide. These clients are looking for information in the areas of project feasibility, cost-effective technologies and processes, plant operations and maintenance, and carbon markets.