About Us


The Canadian Biogas Association serves its members by way of promoting biogas opportunities, shaping policy that impacts biogas, providing resources and offering technical expertise to address challenges in development.

Membership Benefits

Getting Involved and engaged in priority issues contributing technical expertise, industry insight and policy support to enhance and influence efforts to support biogas/RNG growth in Canada. Your participation is critical to address emerging issues with accurate intelligence.

Broadening Awareness and your understanding of Canadian biogas/RNG through targeted campaigns, research and shared knowledge. Communicating our story is the most important role we have in collectively building opportunities.

Staying Informed with timely updates on relevant policy matters, new resources, industry events and news through monthly e-newsletters (The Biogas Digest), the CBA website, and social media (Twitter @CanadianBiogas and LinkedIn). Gain access to exclusive resources and enhance your company profile via these active channels.

Expanding your Network to enable strong connections and partnerships with like-minded companies and individuals through our annual events, webinars and information sessions.



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