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Municipal Biogas Webinar Series

The Municipal Webinar Series is targeted towards municipalities looking to learn more about biogas & RNG! The sessions covered how municipalities can get started with biogas & RNG projects; technology, procurement, and partnerships for municipal projects; and a policy overview of municipal opportunities in energy and carbon markets.

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Carbon Markets

The Canadian Biogas Association presents Carbon Markets in Practice: Biogas & RNG Essentials - a webinar series centered around the existing opportunities for biogas & RNG to participate in carbon markets.

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Building Biogas Better

In Fall 2020, the Canadian Biogas Association presented Building Biogas Better - a webinar series centered around the development of biogas projects and plants in Canada. This three-part series covered key topics affecting the biogas/RNG industry and encouraged participant engagement with the over 100 peers and industry representatives registered for the series.

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Industry Insider

The CBA enhances the connection between members and developments relevant to the industry by hosting Industry Insider, a member only event series.

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