Registration Now Open for the 2018 Value of Biogas!

Our online registration portal is now open for the 2018 Value of Biogas Conferences. Visit our Value of Biogas West and Value of Biogas East page to view event and registration information. Register before December 1st for VOB West, and February 1st for VOB East to take advantage of our Early Bird pricing. Sponsorship opportunities are available for both events. You won’t want to miss this opportunity to position your company as a leader in the biogas and RNG field and gain exposure to potential clients in agricultural and municipal sectors.

Clean Fuel Standard – A Blueprint for Success

In collaboration with Advanced Biofuels Canada and 10 other organizations in Canada, the Canadian Biogas Association undersigned a letter expressing support for taking steps outlined in the letter to progress the federal Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) through design, analysis, and implementation stages. The letter was addressed to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada and has been forwarded to ministerial and departmental staff.

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The Canadian Biogas Association is increasing its online reach and impact with a newly created company page on LinkedIn.  Follow the CBA on LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest CBA and industry news, connect with more representatives in the industry, and share our posts to help build awareness of the Canadian biogas sector!  Our LinkedIn and Twitter pages can be easily accessed through new icons on the right side of the menu bar on the CBA homepage.

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IESO Announces Contract Offers for FIT 5

On September 20th, the IESO announced the FIT 5 procurement has concluded and the IESO is prepared to offer 390 new Feed-In Tariff contracts representing nearly 150 MW Seven on-farm biogas projects were offered contracts representing a total of 1.6 MW of renewable energy The complete list of FIT 5 procurement contract offers is available on the IESO website.

Government of Ontario Signs Agreement to Link Carbon Market with Quebec and California

On September 22nd, Québec Premier Philippe Couillard, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and California Governor Edmund G. Brown further strengthened their cooperation in the global fight against climate change. Premier Couillard hosted Premier Wynne and Governor Brown in Québec City to sign an agreement linking the carbon markets of Québec, Ontario and California. By signing this agreement to integrate and harmonize emissions cap programs, Ontario will now formally enter the Québec-California carbon market, effective January 1, 2018. This will allow all three governments to hold joint auctions of greenhouse gas emission allowances and to harmonize regulations and reporting.

Lethbridge Biogas Increasing Its Waste Diversion Stream

Lethbridge Biogas in Alberta is increasing its waste division stream by taking advantage of thermal hydrolysis technology from PlanET Biogas Solutions. With the hydrolysis expansion, Lethbridge Biogas is permitted to increase its waste division to include the processing of deadstock as well as other animal waste products. The use of animal carcasses as a feedstock will not only increase the facility’s renewable electricity generation, but also recover valuable nutrients for use on the land. Visit Bioenergy Insight to read the full article.

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October 16-19, Portland OR

Canadian Waste to Resource Conference

October 24-26, Niagara Falls, ON

Food Loss + Waste Workshop & Tour

November 14, Burlington, ON

RNG 2017 Conference

November 27-30, Dana Point CA

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August 25

CBA Calls for Policies to Create Sustainable Biogas and RNG Business Models Across Canada

August 25

CBA Calls for Policies to Develop RNG Markets in Ontario

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September 27

Grimsby Energy

Grimsby Energy Photo 1Since it began operation on August 10th, Grimsby Energy’s anaerobic digester in Grimsby, Ontario has been continuously generating electricity from agricultural waste.  Grimsby Energy was incorporated in 2000 and is a subsidiary of the Town on Grimsby along with the wires company, Grimsby Power.  The idea for Grimsby Energy to generate electricity using anaerobic digestion originated in 2009 when the board of directors of Grimsby Energy, including co-chairs Joe Panetta and Shafee Bacchus, were looking for avenues to raise more revenue for their shareholders.

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