Canada’s 2020 Biogas Market Report

Canadian biogas experienced a decade of rapid growth from 2011 to 2020, with an almost 50% jump in operating biogas projects across the country, according to the Canadian 2020 Biogas Market Report. Canada now has 279 biogas projects from coast to coast that are capturing methane from agricultural and community waste and turning it into 196 MW of clean electricity and 6 million GJ of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). That’s the equivalent of roughly 300,000,000 m2 of solar panels or more than nine large hydro dams.

Canada’s biogas sector is ready for another decade of growth.

There is a lot of room for growth. The Canadian 2020 Biogas Market Report calculates that Canada is tapping only 13% of its easily accessible biogas potential, meaning that biogas output could grow another eight times.

The 2020s will drive new biogas growth, with demand for RNG going up in certain regions of Canada. Twenty-seven new biogas projects are already in development.

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