The 2020 Value of Biogas East Conference offers a complete exhibitor showcase package. Exhibitor Booth spaces at the 2020 Value of Biogas East Conference will consist of approximately 8’ x 6’ of floor space.

There are 16 exhibitor spaces at 2020 Value of Biogas East. The exhibitor area is located in the foyer outside of the main conferences room where the Value of Biogas East conference will take place. All coffee breaks and food (breakfast and lunch) will be served in the exhibitor area. We invite you to review our sponsorship package with exhibitor rates (page 5) and to lock in your spot early to gain maximum corporate exposure as we build our event content and profile. Early exhibitors gain value from extended exposure as we promote the conference. Please note exhibitor spots are available on a first come, first served basis. Confirm soon to have the most selection

If you have any questions regarding exhibiting at the 2020 Value of Biogas East Conference, please contact Paulina Szlachta .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or at 647-463-7691.

  • Bartels Environmental Inc:  
  • Bright Biomethane: Bright Biomethane offers proven biogas upgrading systems using membrane technology to purify biogas, produced from any form of waste or biomass feedstock, to biomethane for gas grid injection or compression to bio-CNG.
  • Cameron Instruments Inc.: Cameron Instruments Inc., supplies specialty instrumentation and calibration services across Canada and is the exclusive distributor and service center for Sewerin; manufacturers of the Multitec 540 Biogas Analyzer.
  • Sentry: SENTRY is a bio-electrode sensor platform that allows operators of anaerobic digestion systems to view the microbial activity / health in real-time. This information is used to understand and identify performance imbalance events and to optimize organic loading.
  • Westech: Westech Industrial Ltd. is a leading supplier of analytical instrumentation and process control equipment, including brands such as Varec Biogas, VEGA, Enotec and more.
  • Wessuc: Wessuc proudly leads the way in environmentally responsible solutions, turning waste into value.