Value Of Biogas West

Call for Abstracts

Those interested in presenting at the 2024 Value of Biogas West (October 7-9) are invited to submit presentation abstracts.

The table below provides suggested topics for abstract submissions. However, abstracts with a different focus or topic will be considered.

We are also accepting ideas and proposals for panel discussions, workshops or other presentation formats. When submitting an idea, please provide as much information as possible, including the name and contact information of all suggested speakers.

Please submit your abstract or presentation idea no later than Friday, June 28, 2024, by completing the .

You do not need to register for the conference before submitting an abstract.

Please note that if your abstract is selected:

  • You must register for the conference. A complimentary speaker code will be provided once abstract acceptance has been confirmed.
  • You are responsible for hotel accommodations and travel expenses.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Matt Dickson, (604) 753-7189.

    Conference Topics

    Example Topic Areas

    Agricultural, Industrial, Municipal, Landfill or Wastewater Biogas/RNG

    • Challenges and opportunities for biogas/RNG production
    • Innovations, developments and/or technology assessments
    • Experience, updates, best practices and lessons learned

    Case Studies

    • Agricultural, municipal, industrial, landfill, or wastewater biogas/RNG projects and/or technologies from Canada or around the world

    Feedstock Pre-treatment or Materials Handling

    • Challenges and opportunities for the biogas/RNG sector
    • Technology developments, innovations, experiences, etc.

    Value-Added Markets

    • Assessing viable offtake arrangements for electricity, heat, RNG, vehicle fuel
    • Digestate as soil amendment
    • Carbon markets

    Digestate or Nutrient Management

    • Potential, opportunities, and/or barriers
    • Best practices and lessons learned
    • Technology assessments, innovations, challenges, etc.

    Government Policy

    • Impacts of government policy on the biogas/RNG sector
    • Experience or recommendations from government policy regionally and abroad
    • Priority themes related to GHG reduction, renewable energy and clean fuels, organic material management, infrastructure, transportation, carbon pricing, low carbon fuel standards, etc.

    Economics of Biogas/RNG

    • The economics of biogas/RNG production
    • Funding, financing and investment opportunities
    • Revenue potential from biogas, RNG, digestate, environmental attributes

    Research and Development

    • Biogas/RNG research and development to drive technology innovation

    Services and Technology

    • Equipment experiences with tanks, engines, gas upgraders, compressors, scrubbers, mixers, pump
    • Highlighting best in class analytical, consulting, design, construction, finance, insurance, procurement services

    Biogas Co-Products

    • Potential, opportunities, and/or barriers for co-product creation
    • Technology assessments, innovations, challenges, etc.


    • The economics of hydrogen production
    • Juxtaposition and/or compatibility of hydrogen and biogas
    • Hydrogen’s potential role in decarbonizing the economy
    • Hydrogen fuelling infrastructure