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About Canadian Biogas Association

The Canadian Biogas Association is a member-driven industry organization that supports the diverse needs of the biogas and renewable natural gas (RNG) sector with the goal of building a strong, robust biogas/RNG industry in Canada. We represent over 150 member companies that span the interests of biogas/RNG production from agriculture to municipal opportunities, to the technology and expertise that help design, build and advise development of the facilities, to the demand for cleaner fuels by utilities and others looking to reach net zero. Our collective voice provides a strong perspective in advocating for opportunities, programs and policies as well as inform, educate and help connect like-minded companies and individuals.


The Canadian Biogas Association is developing the biogas/RNG industry to its fullest potential through capturing and processing organic materials to maximize the utility and value inherent within that material.

Role and Mandate

The Canadian Biogas Association serves its members by:

  • maintaining active and timely involvement at all levels of government to shape effective biogas/RNG policies and programs in Canada that will sustain existing systems and develop the growth and use of biogas and RNG;
  • promoting awareness of biogas/RNG through targeted events, materials, presentations and communication channels;
  • supporting research and resource development that support the advancement of biogas/RNG and its use as a multi-faceted energy source, organic treatment and carbon abatement process;
  • building industry knowledge through exchange of information and creating knowledge networks among the sector; and,
  • offering guidance and assistance to members on a wide range of issues.

Our Focus

The Canadian Biogas Association advocates for building the Canadian biogas/RNG industry with a focus on key policy themes including: net-zero climate goals, production clean fuels and renewable energy markets, organic materials and digestate management.


What We Do

The Canadian Biogas Association serves its members in the following ways:

  • Support policy contributions that position our industry for growth
  • Support of pertinent research, projects, and resource development that advance and improve our industry
  • Advance efforts regionally to support biogas/RNG
  • Frequent contact with key decision makers
  • Contribute to public consultations, committees, stakeholder involvement and government submissions
  • Issue eblasts, the monthly Biogas Digest e-newsletter, and Social Media updates to share
  • timely information on events, industry activities and news
  • Develop press releases posted on the CBA website to make important announcements or respond to significant industry developments
  • Create tailored microsites for dedicated campaigns
  • Feature company profiles on website and in monthly newsletter
  • Promote sponsorship and advertising opportunities, and member dedicated email
  • Opportunities to profile member company services, products, and business
  • Enhance the awareness, level of research, and knowledge of the industry
  • Promote its potential as a sustainable source of energy, waste management practices, and emission reduction solution in Canada
  • Create new materials, tools, and resources for the delivery of information on the production and development of the biogas/RNG industry
  • Collaborate with academia on biogas research
  • Build relationships between members to create meaningful and robust professional connections within the organization
  • Create pathways for knowledge transfer and collaboration in the industry
  • Offer discounts to attend and exhibit at CBA conferences, events, and webinars
  • Update Industry Directory annually
  • Develop filtered contact list for suppliers and advisors:

Who We Are

The Canadian Biogas Association is the collective voice of the biogas and RNG industry. Our growing membership represents over 150 member companies, all with a focus on building the biogas/RNG sector in Canada.



How We Work

The Canadian Biogas Association works as a team with input provided by members, Directors, staff, and industry experts to advocate, educate and connect the industry to build the biogas/RNG industry in Canada. The association relies on member contributions and engagement to understand all industry perspectives to grow the sector and build biogas/RNG opportunities. This is done through calls for input, open dialogue, member participation, and credible/reliable industry representation. Member’s input is fluid and ongoing. Members are welcome to contact the CBA regarding policy or biogas/RNG industry developments of interest.

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