2020 Value of Biogas Webinar Series

The CBA hosted the final webinar in the 2020 Value of Biogas Webinar Series on June 18th. Over 70 attendees learned about optimizing digester performance and roles of standards, guidelines, and resources in the biogas industry.  The CBA was pleased to deliver helpful and timely information to advance learning and understanding of biogas/RNG to stakeholders across the industry value chain.  Webinar recordings are available to CBA members.

BC Low Carbon Fuel Standard Submission

On June 2, the CBA submitted a letter in collaboration with clean fuel industry associations and non-governmental organizations relative to the BC Low Carbon Fuel Standard. The purpose of the letter is to express collective support for a key element in BC’s clean economy future: namely, an extension of both the term and ambition of the province’s existing low-carbon fuel standard. Reasons were provided to advance the program to its next phase of implementation, including needed legislative and regulatory amendments establishing annual requirements to meet the 2030 target of 20% below 2010 emissions. The LCFS is the single greatest greenhouse gas reduction measure identified in the CleanBC framework; it is also the platform policy for new investments in the clean transportation sector.

Clean Fuel Standard Update

In June, the CBA participated in six Clean Fuel Standard Technical Working group meetings regarding design elements for the CFS liquid class regulation including targets, timelines, and credit generation.  The CBA and the CFS committee comprised of biogas stakeholders are preparing a submission to respond to the design elements that affect the participation of biogas and RNG projects in credit generation.

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Emissions Reduction Alberta’s (ERA) New $40 million Funding Opportunity

June 1, 2020, the Government of Alberta’s Minister of Environment and Parks, Jason Nixon, announced ERA’s $40 million Food, Farming, and Forestry Challenge. This funding opportunity will accelerate innovation in support of long-term competitiveness and stimulate growth in the critically important agriculture, agri-food, and forestry sectors. It provides near-term capital to innovators, while also identifying opportunities and solutions for longer term economic recovery, investment attraction, and job creation.  Steve MacDonald, ERA’s CEO, and Mark Summers, ERA’s Executive Director of Technology and Innovation, hosted an informational webinar on Monday, June 29 where they provided an overview of the funding opportunity, including scope and eligibility of the call, the submission process, and timelines for decisions. The application deadline is August 27, 2020 at 5 p.m. MDT

Industry Announcements from Xebec Adsorption Inc.

On June 1, Xebec Adsorption Inc. (Xebec) announced the creation of a new investment fund aimed to increase the production of RNG in Québec. Through this initiative Xebec and the Fonds de solidarité FTQ hope to accelerate the development of the RNG sector and support sustainable and responsible long-term investments in the waste-to-renewable gas economy in Canada. On June 3, Xebec announced that it has signed a letter of intent (LOI) on May 28th, 2020, for the sale of a multi-million dollar biogas to renewable natural gas (RNG) installation to a large-scale utility customer in Alberta with expected system delivery to occur in 2021. On June 10, Xebec announced that it has signed a LOI on June 5th, 2020, for the sale of a multi-million dollar landfill gas to RNG installation, to a large-scale waste management customer in North America.

Ottawa Relaxed Clean Fuel Targets in Short Term Due to Coronavirus

Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson is scaling back the government’s planned Clean Fuel Standard in the short term to give the fossil fuel industry a bit more time to recover from the pandemic-induced economic collapse. But to make up for less stringent emissions reductions in the beginning, he said fuel producers will have to do more to green up their gasoline and diesel fuels starting 2026. Bora Plumptre, a senior analyst at the Pembina Institute, said he is still fully assessing the proposed changes but that overall he doesn’t think the change will have a negative impact on the final outcome of the standard.

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