Biogas Potential

The production of Canadian biogas from all major sources – agricultural organics (excluding energy crops), landfill gas, residential and commercial source separated organics, and municipal wastewater – is equivalent to 3% of Canada’s natural gas demand or 2,420 million m3 per year of renewable natural gas. This represents up to 810MW of electricity and 1.3% of Canada’s electricity demand.

Biogas is a clean-tech solution that continues to offer innovation to the agricultural, municipal and waste management sectors. Biogas technologies can develop in a small footprint, and function compatibly with existing operations. Biogas offers economic and social stimulus to Canadians and plays important roles in local communities, including investment in innovation, advancement in clean technologies, engagement of youth, and job creation. The required components and services are available across Canada. Biogas production generates diverse revenue streams for farms, industries and municipalities, creates new jobs in the green economy and offers attractive investment opportunities.

Realizing the full potential of biogas development can lead to 1,800 separate construction projects with a capital investment of $7 billion and economic spin-off of $21 billion to the Canadian economy; close to 17,000 construction jobs for a period of one year, and 2,650 on-going long term operational jobs, and; 100 new and expanded Canadian companies, including biogas system designers and developers, equipment suppliers, and laboratories.