Canadian Biogas Study

The Biogas Association’s November 2013 Canadian Biogas Study quantifies the benefits of biogas to the economy, environment and energy sector. Author Maria Kelleher partnered with experts across the country to review over 80 national and international studies, reports and and to determine specific benefits from biogas in the areas of agriculture, commercial sector, landfills, source-separated organics, and wastewater treatment. It also the Canadian energy potential by source.

The study is divided into two parts: the Summary Document (PDF) that provides an overview of the study findings and the Technical Document (PDF), which provides greater detail and references.  Financial support for the study was provided by the Ontario Government, Anaergia, Energy Technology and Innovation Canada (ETIC), European Power Systems, Harvest Power, and Hydro One Networks.

This summary of the findings is being distributed widely to policy makers, officials, affiliate organizations, and a range of stakeholders at events and meetings using a slide presentation (PDF) on the findings, and policy recommendations (PDF).