Funding & Incentives

A summary of funding and incentive programs available for biogas developers.

Wage Subsidies Available to Hire Recent Graduates

BioTalent Canada is offering two wage subsidy programs for companies with an environmental focus to hire recent graduates. Career Focus Green Jobs is a wage subsidy program for employment opportunities that have a green mandate or any job with an employer that has an environmental focus. The program provides up to $13,500 in wage subsidies. The Science Horizons Youth Internship Program is an initiative to help graduates from a STEM program entering a position with an environmental focus. The maximum funding for this program is $15,000 for a 6-month term.

IESO Energy Partnerships Program

The Energy Partnerships Program offered by the IESO provides funding to communities and organizations for activities that help them prepare and develop renewable energy projects. The Project Development Stream funds soft costs associated with developing renewable energy projects under the FIT Program, including obtaining regulatory approvals. Applications are currently being accepted on an ongoing basis and evaluated at set dates throughout the year.

Ontario Funding Local Projects to Reduce GHG Pollution

On August 14th, Chris Ballard, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, announced that Ontario is investing in local projects that will help to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution by launching a new program for municipalities across the province. This initiative is part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan and is funding by proceeds from the province’s carbon market. Ontario’s new Municipal GHG Challenge Fund will support projects such as renewable energy and energy efficiency retrofits to municipal facilities like arenas, and making energy-efficiency upgrades to drinking water or wastewater treatment plants, to achieve long-term and cost-effective pollution reductions.

Green Municipal Fund

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ Green Municipal Fund provides grants and low interest loans to municipalities in support of activities in the following sectors: brownfields, energy, transportation, waste and water. Grants are offered for developing sustainable community plans, conducting feasibility studies and field tests (up to 50% of costs to a maximum of $350,000) and loans are offered to implement projects. In the waste sector, funding is available to support waste diversion projects. Eligible applicants can request up to $4 million in loans and $400,000 in grants for each project. Rates for municipalities are 1.5 per cent lower than the Government of Canada bond rate and even further below market rates.

Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ new Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program provides funding, training and resources to help municipalities adapt to the impacts of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The program is funded by the Government of Canada. Grants of up to $175,000 to develop plans and studies to reduce GHG emissions and help your community adapt to impacts of climate change, such as extreme temperatures, flooding and drought are available now. Apply today.

NRC-IRAP Youth-Green Program

The National Research Council (NRC) of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) is making available up to $10,000 to employ Canadian youth between 15-30 years of age. Companies eligible for this program must be considered “Green” by having their business align with the green economy sectors of industries. The companies need to be incorporated and have 1 to 500 full-time employees. These Green companies must use the hired Youth to produce an environmental benefit. For further information or to determine if you qualify, please contact NRC-IRAP at (416) 973-2626 or Please also visit the NRC website and refer to the Youth-Green Program.