Municipal Guide to Biogas

The Municipal Guide to Biogas was created to enable Ontario municipalities to better understand the biogas opportunity in several of their operations – green bin organic material collection, wastewater treatment, and landfill. This guide outlines the benefits of biogas for your municipality, and showcases real examples of systems across Ontario. The business case for biogas depends on a range of variables, which are outlined in this guide. Municipalities can use the checklist in this guide to determine if anaerobic digestion should be considered, and initiate discussions with consultants and technology suppliers.

Municipalities are increasingly concerned about expanding their diversion rates, treating waste within their own boundaries, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing waste treatment and hauling costs. Biogas provides solutions to these priorities.

When the time comes for your municipality to review its waste management options, use this guide to assist in your analysis, and help you plan next steps.

This initiative was made possible in part by financial support awarded through the Education and Capacity Building Program by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

Download the Guide:
Municipal Guide to Biogas (PDF)