Dairy Biogas and Canada’s Climate Targets

This report, Diary Biogas and Canada’s Climate Targets, highlights how biogas can act as a climate solution to capture methane, produce clean energy, and support clean economic growth.

Canada’s dairy sector is a major contributor to Canada’s economy. More than 10,000 dairy farms across Canada generate over 9 billion litres of milk and, in so doing, support nearly 221,000 jobs and generate $19.9 billion in annual GDP.

But like other traditional sectors, this economic activity comes with a carbon footprint. For Canada’s dairy sector, it means a presumed 7.3 Mt of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions every year (CO2e/yr), amounting to roughly 1 percent of Canada’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Canada’s dairy sector is taking proactive steps to address its carbon footprint and biogas is only of the key climate solutions available to dairy farmers.

Dairy manure is among the most common feedstock used for biogas. Already in Canada there are 34 dairy biogas systems located on farms.