Carbon Markets 101 for Biogas & RNG

Carbon Markets Poster


The Canadian Biogas Association presents Carbon Markets 101 for Biogas & RNG - a webinar series centered around the emerging opportunities for biogas & RNG to participate in programs focused on reducing GHG emissions. Through offset credits, regulations, and voluntary markets there are many credit generating opportunities for biogas & RNG producers. This webinar series aims to expand awareness of climate literacy and the role for biogas & RNG in carbon markets by providing foundational knowledge, information on programs, and a path forward for participation.

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Expand Your Knowledge on Carbon Markets

Webinar One – Introduction to Carbon Markets, Offset Credits, and the Opportunity for Biogas & RNG

January 11, 2023, 2pm-3pm ET

This introductory webinar sets the stage for the webinar series by providing foundational knowledge of carbon markets. Attendees will learn about the different types of carbon markets, how offset credits are created and traded, and what the benefits and opportunities are for biogas & RNG projects.


  • Jamie MacKinnon, anew, SVP, Agri-carbon
  • Ashkan Shoja-Nia, StormFisher Hydrogen, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development

Webinar Two – Deep Dive into Carbon Markets

January 18, 2023, 2pm-3:30pm ET

Building on the fundamental principles, Webinar Two: Deep Dive into Carbon Markets will educate attendees on different carbon markets in North America where biogas & RNG can participate and cover the common elements to further understanding of key difference and similarities and how these markets function.


  • Jennifer McIsaac, ClearBlue Markets, Director of Market Analysis
  • Vincent Morales, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas, Manager of Legislation and Regulatory Affairs
  • Ian Boelens, Environment and Climate Change Canada, Project Engineer

Webinar Three – Implementing a Biogas & RNG GHG Offset Project

January 25, 2023, 2pm-3:30pm ET

With the knowledge acquired from the previous two webinars, Webinar Three: Implementing a Biogas & RNG GHG Offset Project provides information for participants looking to generate and sell offset credits in a carbon market. The webinar will cover key steps and required information to provide a clear pathway to leverage the GHG benefits of biogas & RNG.


  • Jessica Beacom, GHD, Air, Noise & Greenhouse Gas Services
  • Sarah Stadnyk, Canadian Biogas Association, Manager of Business Development and Communications