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AB Energy Canada is an experienced, leading distributor of compact, modular, and versatile power systems for biogas facilities. AB Energy Canada is the Canadian arm of Gruppo AB, a global manufacturer of energy systems including cogeneration from biogas and natural gas and the conversion of biogas to renewable natural gas (RNG). Gruppo AB is headquartered in Italy with a multinational presence.

Gruppo AB was founded in 1981, rolling out their first products in 1992, which were containerized cogeneration modules for natural gas and biogas. In 2010, Gruppo AB created the largest industrial centre in the world dedicated entirely to cogeneration, covering over 40,000 m2 with R&D, engineering, service & maintenance, training facilities, software development, production, assembly and management all connected. They currently have over 1,450 installed plants and a direct presence in 21 countries worldwide including Canada, Italy, USA, Brazil, Mexico, UK, Germany, and Russia.

AB Energy Canada was formed in 2010 as a small company called European Power Systems (EPS) with a vision of bringing prefabricated cogeneration power systems to Canada.  In 2013, Gruppo AB acquired EPS and the name was changed to EPS AB Energy, now known as AB Energy Canada.  AB Energy Canada has installations across the country from Alberta to Nova Scotia at both municipal and agricultural sites.

AB Energy Canada provides full service for turnkey power plants from manufacturing, delivery, installation, and maintenance. They have a team of 15 technicians coast to coast providing full-time service with uptime guarantees as part of a global team of over 300 technicians.

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AB Energy Canada offers two distinct systems: ECOMAX and BIOCH4NGE. The modular, compact ECOMAX cogeneration plant was developed entirely by AB Energy.  ECOMAX is designed to meet the expectations and specific energy needs of various application sectors. Renewable natural gas upgrading through BIOCH4NGE is the culmination of nearly four decades of advancements from the experience AB Energy has acquired as an industry leader in the cogeneration sector through the ECOMAX line.

Developed by AB Energy in 2014, BIOCH4NGE is easily scalable, versatile in application, and exceptional in its ability to upgrade and purify raw biogas into RNG at a low cost of operation. In 2017, the product was brought to the European market with first operation in 2019. There are currently over 20 installations in various stages of development in Europe that have been running for over a year.

AB Energy Canada is pleased to announce that BIOCH4NGE is now available to the North American market. BIOCH4NGE is the most efficient RNG-upgrading system with the smallest footprint for membrane-based systems with gas flows less than 2000 Nm3/hour.  Unlike amine or water wash upgrading systems, BIOCH4NGE does not require heat, utilizes fewer and smaller membranes, and therefore requires less power input, making its carbon intensity rating potential very attractive.

AB Energy Canada, as EPS, joined the Canadian Biogas Association (CBA) as members in 2011. AB Energy Canada has remained a member for nearly a decade because the CBA continues to be the voice of the industry and pave the way for more and more biogas opportunities and developments.  Jan Buijk, CEO of AB Energy Canda shares “As the market is shifting to RNG, we see an important role for the CBA to help facilitate further maximization of biogas development across the country.”

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