BIOGEST is an international biogas plant manufacturer headquartered in Vienna, Austria. With a team of more than 60 highly qualified employees in 10 different countries, they have subsidiaries in France, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Czech Republic, UK and US.  BIOGEST began in the wastewater treatment business about 30 years ago and made the natural expansion to biogas and anaerobic digestion of organics. Since then, they have completed over 170 biogas plant projects generating electricity and renewable natural gas.

The engineering services that BIOGEST provides to the biogas industry extends along the entire value chain from project development, design engineering, co-investment, turnkey construction, to operation and technical and biological services. BIOGEST’s other business is Own Plant Operation (OPO). BIOGEST partners with feedstock suppliers in the agriculture industry and constructs and operates biogas plants in which it also acts as a shareholder.

BIOGEST Equipment

BIOGEST has tried and tested technology, including PowerRing, PowerCompact, PowerSPF and PowerDigest. These products offer numerous advantages in terms of energy efficiency, operating safety, and availability.  The versatile PowerRing digester was developed as a modular tank-in-tank system to overcome all challenges of a modern biomethane or biogas plant. The biogas PowerCompact micro plant is an anaerobic digester unit designed especially to fit the needs of small-scale dairy farmers. The PowerSPF has been developed for feedstock with low to medium dry matter and the PowerDigest has been developed for feedstock with low dry matter.  Both are ideally suited for large cattle farms, as well as for the agro-industrial sector.

All systems are directly manufactured by BIOGEST including piping parts, windows with washers, and pumping systems. Additional parts (eg. agitation, gas holder) are manufactured by BIOGEST’s partners who BIOGEST works closely with in the design phase to ensure seamless integration of all plant components.

BIOGEST America began operation in North America 6 years ago, with the first US plant coming online in June 2021. BIOGEST America is exploring development in Canada as they see Canada as an emerging market with a valuable supply chain that is helping to transition to greening Canada’s gas production. BIOGEST currently has one project in development in Quebec with poultry manure, cattle manure, and energy crop feedstocks. They have Canadian representatives based out of Alberta who will be attending the 2021 Value of Biogas West Conference in Vancouver on November 9-10. 


What sets BIOGEST apart from other plant manufacturers is their focus on customer satisfaction and maintaining a long-term relationship with customers by offering services beyond completion of the main construction and commissioning of the project. They always maintain a 24/7 support line for customers and their ongoing research and development allows them to constantly improve their portfolios, enabling them to follow-up with past projects with further recommendations for improvement and support.

BIOGEST joined the CBA as members in May 2021.  They value being part of associations with a similar goal of increasing biogas development, and they joined as an avenue to be involved in the Canadian biogas sector and provide support to benefit the industry.

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