Distributed Gas Solutions Canada (DGSC)

Distributed Gas Solutions Canada (DGSC) facility

Headquartered in Montreal QC, Distributed Gas Solutions Canada LP (DGSC) provides innovative turnkey compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and renewable natural gas (RNG) supply solutions to utility, industrial and transportation end users across Canada.

“We prioritize investments in infrastructure and supply chains to ensure safe, reliable and cost-effective natural gas / RNG to our valued customers”, says Andrew Wilkins, Vice President, Business Development and Marketing at DGSC. DGSC is a limited partner company that assists end users to displace higher carbon fuels in their operations with natural gas and RNG to maximize supply chain security, reduce carbon emissions and reduce fuel costs.

DGSC provides a full suite of customized turnkey solutions to meet its customers’ needs. For RNG projects, DGSC provides biogas treatment, compression or liquefaction, transportation and de-compression/vaporization for injection into the natural gas utility distribution network. DGSC offers turnkey solutions by executing financing, engineering, procurement, construction, operations and maintenance multi-year agreements with both biogas producers and end users. The company is technology agnostic; their focus is to provide the most optimal technical and commercial solution.

(DGSC) company logoDGSC has constructed their first CNG Station with partners in Quebec’s Saguenay region, serving truck fleets as well as local industrials via virtual pipeline that are not connected to the natural gas utility network. The company is in discussions with regional biogas producers to leverage future RNG credits with truck fleet fueling at the CNG Station in the context of the Federal Government’s proposed Clean Fuel Standard. DGSC is currently developing CNG, LNG and RNG projects in Quebec, Ontario and Western Canada.

“DGSC foresees market opportunities with stakeholders in tying RNG projects with CNG and LNG supply in the transportation sector in the context of the Clean Fuel Standard and carbon trading platforms in 2022 and beyond”, says Wilkins. “With the increased importance of reducing carbon in fuel consumption and ESG among stakeholders, we see RNG playing an important role in the Canadian fuel mix”, he continued.

DGSC customizes their solutions based on the objectives and needs of the end user with regards to the application, energy demand profile, and location. The company also offers equipment conversion services to end users.

Wilkins sees the biogas and RNG outlook in Canada as very bright and knows there will be a stronger market signal once the Clean Fuel Standard is finalized by the Government. With rising carbon taxes, increasing the mix of RNG within the nation’s natural gas infrastructure will result in reduced prices paid by end users.

DGSC became a member of the Canadian Biogas Association in May 2021. They saw that the CBA was the leading association of biogas in Canada and felt that given their business model, that it was the right association for them to develop mutually beneficial relationships with potential project partners and stakeholders.

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