Enerproject is a Swiss-based, family owned company that designs, engineers, and manufactures packages for gas compression. Enerproject has been in operation for over 25 years and has headquarters and a production facility in Mezzovico, a village located just a few kilometers north of the Swiss-Italian border. Enerproject serves 35 countries supported by a strategic network of branches and agents around the world including a partnership in Canada.

Enerproject offers complete turnkey solutions including engineering, manufacturing, installation, training, and service. Enerproject’s core business is oil injected screw gas compression packages that can be equipped with soundproof and weatherproof enclosures that are suitable for all climates.

Their gas compression and conditioning units have applications in many fields including LNG, oil and gas, power generation, refrigeration, and biogas.  Within biogas, Enerproject provides solutions for biogas gathering and processing, biogas boosting, biomethane compression, and bio-LNG applications.

Their first biogas unit installation was commissioned in 1996, and since then Enerproject has deployed 440 units in 35 countries. The main biogas business has historically been in Europe; however, the North American market is beginning to grow with a dozen units sold in the last few years. Francesco Zocchi, Enerproject’s Head of Sales, believes there are big opportunities in Canada.

Enerproject installed their first unit in Canada, a fuel booster compressor for a natural gas turbine, in 2014 for Ferrero Canada in Brantford, Ontario.  They currently have a biogas compressor project under development in London, Ontario at the StormFisher Environmental facility.  For the outlook of the sector, Zocchi acknowledges that the current situation is not ideal for growth, however the environmental issue is real and needs to be addressed on a global scale.

Enerproject joined the Canadian Biogas Association as members in April 2019.  They have found membership to be an effective way to connect with the Canadian biogas industry and raise awareness of their business.

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