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Greatario is Canada’s choice to design, build and service glass-fused-to-steel bolted tanks and covers for liquid storage and the biogas industry. With roots in agriculture starting in 1966 as Ontario Harvestore, supplying glass-fused-to-steel feed storage silos to dairy farms, Greatario made the move to the municipal and industrial markets in 1986. By serving many different markets, Greatario is able to leverage their extensive knowledge in water and wastewater storage, landfill leachate containment and anaerobic and aerobic digester construction. Greatario is the exclusive CST Aquastore© dealer in Canada, with offices in Innerip, ON, Ottawa, ON, Vancouver, BC, Saint John, NL and Québec.

In 2021, Greatario is celebrating 35 years in the liquid storage business. Jeff Rodger, Greatario’s Director of Sales shares “We organically started providing services to the biogas industry when biogas in Canada started to take off in 2008. We were known for our turn-key tank solutions and previous agricultural and municipal clients reached out for our services to build and supply their biogas tanks.” To date, Greatario has supplied over 30 bioenergy tanks in Canada for large and small-scale projects in the industrial, agricultural and municipal markets.

Greatario provides many advantages as a tank supplier including interior coating for a longer tank life, easy installation and modular design, and decades of experience.

Greatario facility

Their proprietary Vitrium© fused, interior tank coating is impermeable to liquids and vapors, controls undercutting caused by corrosion and offers excellent impact and abrasion resistance. A Greatario tank can handle the harsh digester contents without fear of corrosion or the need for recoating. The protection of the Vitrium© coating provides a longer tank life with minimal lifetime maintenance.

Greatario’s factory-trained building crews safely assemble their tanks without the need for expensive equipment by using a jacking system that progressively elevates the structure. Starting with the roof and adding rings, construction can be completed quickly, on a small footprint or in a remote location in a rapid, logical progress for timely completion. This modular design also allows for easy future expansion, relocation or clean-out; if necessary.

Building over 500 tanks and 150 speciality covers over the past 35 years allows Greatario to bring a unique perspective to each project. Greatario customers get more than just a tank. They get committed service and the most experienced team of storage tank and custom cover designers and builders in Canada.

Greatario has been working with forward thinking municipalities and farmers “fueling” the growth of biogas as a viable source of energy since the start and solidified their position as an industry leader when they joined the Canadian Biogas Association (CBA) as members. Greatario is excited to connect with everyone at the Value of Biogas West and East Conferences in the coming months.

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