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Green Impact Partners

An arial (drone) photo overlooking a bio-fuel facility under construction.

Headquartered in Calgary, Green Impact Partners (“GIP”) is looking to make the world more sustainable and inclusive through the development of bioenergy. The company is focused on acquiring, developing, building, owning and operating bio-fuel facilities throughout North America. GIP participates in a wide range of feedstock opportunities during any stage of the project lifecycle — from idea generation through to operations. Jesse Douglas CEO of Green Impact Partners explains “In all scenarios, we turn farm-based waste into energy and usable products.”

Green Impact Partners went public in 2021 on the foundation of investments that the management team was making over the last decade.  Douglas shared “Our focus is to make sure we are taking a current waste product and finding the best way to turn it into energy and a useable product.  We are agnostic to the t form of the energy, but we want to make sure the waste is managed and transformed into a resource.”

A digital rendering of a bio-fuel facility, the view is looking acrross a pond at several buildings and large silo like tanks. Presumably this image is the final vision of the previous photo.

Green Impact Partners has activities through Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the United States, with its flag-ship project   – the   Future Energy Park –  in Calgary. Future Energy Park will be North America’s largest carbon negative bio-fuels project. In February 2023, it was announced that the $1.2-billion project was expected to start construction this summer.  The facility is expected to be operational in 2025.  It will take in 900,000 tonnes of low-grade wheat and convert it to approximately 4 PJ of RNG, 350 million litres of carbon negative ethanol, and cattle feed. The Future Energy Park is projected to create approximately 800 jobs over 24 months during construction and 50 jobs during operations and provide direct revenue of over $150 million annually to rural wheat producers.

Green Impact Partners also has a number of other RNG projects under construction and beginning operation, including dairy farms with RNG facilities in Colorado and Iowa.

Green Impact Partners joined the Canadian Biogas Association in October 2022, recognizing the importance of connecting with the industry and wanting to be involved in important conversations to move the industry forward.

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