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Skyline Energy is a clean energy asset manager with a goal of playing a lead role in the development of clean energy solutions in Canada, while maintaining a clean energy investment product with strong performance for investors. Located in Guelph, ON, Skyline Energy is a division of Skyline Group of Companies, a $6.4 billion (as of Nov 30, 2021) asset acquisitions, management, development, and investment firm.

Skyline Energy maintains an equity growth fund called Skyline Clean Energy Fund (“the Fund”), launched in 2018. The Fund aims to provide investors with a way to participate in the growing clean energy industry while enjoying stable investment performance. Skyline Energy provides all asset management services for the Fund and oversees the day-to-day operations of the assets within its portfolio, which is comprised of both solar and biogas projects.

The Skyline Energy team has decades of combined experience in clean energy construction, development, acquisition, management, and monitoring. This vast experience allows them to look at assets from a holistic perspective to achieve the greatest potential.

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“We oversee the entire asset management process, from financial expertise, to debt financing, to risk assessment,” said Matt Kennedy, Associate Director, Skyline Energy.

“We are actively looking for new projects and opportunities for development and expansion.”

When considering new clean energy assets for the Fund, Skyline Energy focuses on acquiring large-scale, income-producing clean energy assets in Canada that are backed by long-term Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) contracts or Power Purchase Agreements with creditworthy counterparts. Kennedy says, “We seek clean energy assets with consistent cash flows in markets we live in and where our investors are located, with the intention of holding those assets for the long term.”

Skyline Energy made its first biogas acquisition for the Fund in 2021 with an 80% stake in the purchase of the Woolwich Bio-En plant in Elmira, ON.

Kennedy notes, “Since Skyline Energy is relatively new to the biogas space, as part of the acquisition, we partnered with Bio-En on the operations side to learn from a team with tons of experience.”

While Bio-En is currently the only biogas facility within the Fund, Skyline Energy is looking to potentially expand the Fund’s biogas holdings and is investigating several additional opportunities in Canada.

Skyline Energy’s team maintains the same entrepreneurial drive as its parent entity, Skyline Group of Companies, which began as a real estate venture among its Co-Founders in 1999. In fact, the group of companies also houses Skyline Clean Energy Fund as well as Skyline Wealth Management Inc., the firm that distributes the Fund to investors. With this holistic business model, interests and business objectives are aligned, with the growth and success of one entity ultimately creating a positive impact on the others.

“We’re optimistic about the future of biogas and RNG [renewable natural gas] in Canada,” said Kennedy.

“There are many things happening in this market that are enabling expansion, such as feedstock availability and long-term supply contracts. The long-term contracts for RNG create very competitive equity financing and we believe that additional biogas assets will complement the Fund portfolio and contribute to its growth.

Skyline Energy became a member of the CBA in October 2020.

“We’re proud to be part of CBA,” said Kennedy. “We recognized that industry associations like CBA have the experience and expertise that we can learn from and help accelerate the growth of the Fund. Additionally, CBA is driving biogas forward in Canada, and we want to join alongside them and be a part of it.”

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