Canada Tank Solutions Inc.

Canada Tank Solutions Inc. (CTSI) is a proudly Canadian owned and operated company specializing in customized storage solutions for various industries.  CTSI engineers, supplies, and constructs tanks across the country for biogas, wastewater, dry bulk and energy applications.  They currently represent several tank suppliers to supply their clients with the right solution.  CTSI can provide: insulated bolted tanks (fusion epoxy or glass), field welded, shop welded, corrugated bins, and Hybrid tank construction.  They also supply fabric buildings to solve additional dry bulk storage requirements.

The company was founded in 2013 by George Bojeczko as a Canadian representative for companies in the United States.  The business grew quickly and by 2014 they were already in the installation business.  In the last 5 years Canada Tank Solutions Inc. has experienced significant growth with many of their inquiries coming from referrals earned from their proven track record of delivering quality systems on time. With offices in Mississauga, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Tank Solutions Inc. works across the country from British Columbia to Newfoundland.  In January they will be opening an office in Quebec to accommodate the growing demand for their services. 

The first company they represented was Tank Connection, a manufacturer that specializes in bolted tanks.  Tank Connection provides a line of fusion epoxy coated bolted RTP tanks that are used at biogas facilities.  While glass-lined tanks have been a trusted option for many years and used widely across Europe, the epoxy line is a newer generation with a lot of advantages over glass. Performance data shows that the fusion system is stronger than glass in bolted tank construction. Unlike glass, fusion bond epoxy can be repaired in the field if damaged, is less brittle, and is more cost-effective than glass.

The proprietary fusion epoxy coating system is a high-performance option for customized anaerobic digestion tanks. The systems are easy to ship and can be installed in almost any location. Bojeczko predicts a bright future for the Canadian biogas sector, sharing “We’ve noticed a big increase in biogas inquires across Canada.  As a Canadian based installer and supplier, we see a lot of potential for the industry to grow bigger and bigger in the coming years.”

Canada Tank Solutions Inc. joined the Canadian Biogas Association as members in April 2018.  They appreciate the value of joining industry associations as part of a growing Canadian business and see the importance of attending conferences and networking with stakeholders in the industry.  They will also have a booth as part of the Exhibitor Showcase in the upcoming 2019 Value of Biogas West Conference in Vancouver BC on January 15 and 16.

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