The City of Hamilton

The City of Hamilton with a population of approximately 535,000 is Canada’s 10th largest city. Providing this community with top quality water and wastewater treatment services is Hamilton Water’s number one priority. Not only does it provide these services reliably and efficiently but it also keeps a close check on the emissions created in its water treatment processes.

Hamilton’s Woodward Avenue water treatment plant was among the first Ontario municipality to capture raw biogas (methane) from the anaerobic digesters to produce heat and power through a 1.6 Megawatt cogeneration engine and it was the first and only facility in Ontario to process and condition surplus raw biogas in its biogas purification unit to produce renewable natural gas (RNG).

The Greenlane RIMU biogas purification system employs a water scrubbing design to remove the unwanted by products such as CO2, H2S and siloxanes that results in a final renewable natural product that is 98% methane. The unit has the capacity to process up to 10,000 m3 per day and the City of Hamilton is investigating opportunities to increase the throughput of this system The RNG is analyzed to ensure its quality meets Union Gas specifications and is then injected into the utility gas grid. With the final product now flowing through the utility gas grid system, RNG is starting to replace conventional natural gas consumed by The City of Hamilton’s public transit fleet of CNG buses.

As a recent member to the Canadian Biogas Association, the City of Hamilton is looking to available resources on the latest in industry trends and developments, advocacy for an RNG market in Ontario and Canada, and as a community to help advance the biogas industry as a whole.

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