Who We Are

The Canadian Biogas Association is the collective voice of the biogas industry. Since 2008, our membership has grown to over 100, including farmers, municipalities, technology developers, consultants, finance and insurance firms, and other affiliate representatives – all with a focus on building the biogas sector in Canada.

What We Do

The Canadian Biogas Association serves its members by way of promoting biogas opportunities, shaping policy that impacts biogas, providing resources and offering technical expertise to address challenges in development.

Our Priorities

The Canadian Biogas Association is currently focused on:

  • Maintaining active and timely involvement at all levels of government to shape effective biogas programs and policies in Canada that will sustain existing biogas systems and develop the growth and use of biogas;
  • Promoting biogas through targeted events, written materials, presentations and communication channels;
  • Supporting research and developing biogas resources that support the advancement of biogas innovations and its use as a multi-faceted energy source, organic treatment and carbon abatement process, and;
  • Creating conditions for a financially stable organization supported through membership and fundraising efforts.

How We Work

Biogas requires a lot of expertise, whether it is in project development; technical design; financial and legal support; policy and program development and understanding, or; operations and management of systems. We work as a team with input provided by members to Directors and Staff. Committees are established that align with priority policy areas.