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We Owe it to Our Children to Think Outside the Box on Biogas

A recent article in Canada’s National Observer makes the case for why we owe it to our children, who will pay the price for our failure in combating climate change, to think outside the box of conventional renewable energy such as solar, wind and hydro. There are several energy innovators in Canada making huge strides in adopting low- or no-carbon energy solutions by blending energy sources with the goal of helping large and small energy users achieve their 2030 goals. One solution that has generated excellent results is renewable natural gas (RNG).

Enbridge Gas, Bluewater Recycling Association and Ontario Waste Management Association Unveil Agri-innovation Milestone

On August 9th, Bluewater Recycling Association (BRA), Ontario Waste Management Association (OWMA) and Enbridge Gas Inc. (Enbridge Gas) announced the first-in-Ontario, carbon-negative refuse truck, fuelled by renewable natural gas (RNG) produced by a local Ontario farm from largely cow manure. The BRA’s RNG truck will displace CO2 emissions from 18,000 litres of diesel in the first six months. Municipalities and businesses who operate fleets of waste collection vehicles like BRA and other OWMA members can achieve a zero-carbon footprint using RNG fuel, affordably and practically, without sacrificing performance, reliability, or range.

Skyline Clean Energy Fund Acquires Second Biogas Facility

Skyline Clean Energy Fund recently announced that on May 31, 2022, they acquired a biogas facility located in Lethbridge, Alberta through the purchase of 100% of the units in Lethbridge Biogas LP and the shares in Lethbridge Biogas General Partner Inc. The Lethbridge facility is expected to convert 120,000 tonnes of organic waste into renewable natural gas annually. The facility generates revenue primarily through intake of organic waste and producing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). The asset operates under a 20-year RNG contract with FortisBC.