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Quebec Government Announces $70 million to Support the Production and Distribution of Renewable Natural Gas

On July 7th, The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Jonatan Julien, announced that the government is providing $70 million in financial assistance over three years to support the production of renewable natural gas (RNG). Of this amount, $45 million will be used to develop eight RNG production projects that Énergir can then distribute through its gas network. A growing proportion of Énergir’s customers want to green their energy consumption, and RNG consumption contributes directly to this goal. These eight projects will add value to organic materials from the agricultural, industrial and engineered landfill sectors in several regions of Quebec.

Quebec Government to Invest $ 1.2 billion into Organics Collection and Recovery by 2030

On Friday July 3rd, the Quebec Minister of the Environment and the Fight Against Climate Change, Benoit Charette, unveiled a plan to inject $1.2 billion into improving the collection and recovery of organic matter in the province. The total investment, to be managed in collaboration with RECYC-QUEBEC, including $ 450.1 million available as of 2020 (through 2021), will be invested over the next decade, into both municipal and private sectors. According to the announcement, the plan is to offer organic matter collection to all Quebec citizens and manage organic matter for 100% of industries, businesses and institutions, by 2025. By 2030, the plan is to recycle or recover 70% of the organic matter targeted and reduce 270 000 tonnes equivalent CO2 per year of greenhouse gas emissions.

Lethbridge Biogas Undergoing a $7 Million Expansion

Lethbridge County and Lethbridge Biogas are celebrating the announcement of a $7 million expansion of the company’s existing site that will provide new opportunities for the region. The expansion will introduce Lethbridge Biogas into the natural gas market, by allowing for the plant’s biogas to be purified into pipeline-grade biomethane, (RNG), which will be injected into ATCO’s natural gas grid. This carbon-neutral biomethane will also be supplied to FortisBC under a long-term supply agreement by mid-2021. Once the expansion is complete, Lethbridge Biogas will have the first full-scale, commercial renewable natural gas application in Alberta.