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Government of Alberta’s Bioenergy Producer Program

On December 5th, the Government of Alberta announced that the Bioenergy Producer Program (BPP) has been renewed for two and a half years.  The $62 million program will run from October 1, 2017 to March 31, 2020, and be open to both previous BPP Grant Holders and new applicants that meet the program’s eligibility criteria. Previous BPP Grant Holders that meet the eligibility criteria will be able to receive funding starting October 1, 2017, while new applicants will be able to receive funding starting April 2018. Applications for the initial period will be due in February 2018; application packages will be available in December.  

Canada’s Generation Energy Council

On December 12th, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable Jim Carr, announced the creation of a 15-member Generation Energy Council to provide recommendations on how Canada can transition to a reliable, affordable, low-carbon economy in the future. The Council’s work will be informed by the takeaways from October’s ground-breaking, two-day Generation Energy Forum held in October, as well as public consultations. The Council will then prepare a report, which will inform the Government as it develops an energy policy and helps define Canada`s energy future. 

New Ontario Program Supporting Low-Carbon Innovation for Industry

On December 8th, GreenON Industries was launched. GreenON Industries will provide funding for eligible projects that reduce GHG pollution in buildings and the production of goods by large emitters and other industrial, commercial and institutional facilities. Projects could involve switching to less carbon intensive fuels, redirecting harmful carbon dioxide emissions back into production processes, upgrading energy inefficient production equipment and introducing production processes that require fewer energy resources.