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Clean Fuel Standard Regulatory Design Paper Publication

Environment and Climate Change Canada released the Regulatory Design Paper on the Clean Fuel Standard on December 20, 2018. This document presents key elements of the design of the Clean Fuel Standard regulations. The focus of this document is on the liquid fuels stream regulations, which will be published first. Some information is also provided on the proposed requirements for the gaseous and solid streams.  The CFS will allow producers of low-carbon fuels to generate credits as a compliance category, renewable natural gas and biogas are included as eligible fuels.

British Columbia Climate Plan Supports Clean Fuels

British Columbia’s Climate Plan, CleanBC was released on December 5 with many supportive policies for clean fuels and agriculture.  A few key points from the plan include a commitment to work with natural gas suppliers to put in place a minimum requirement for 15% renewable content in natural gas by 2030, renewing the B.C. Bioenergy Strategy and build out bioenergy and biofuels cluster attributing a 0.7 Mt reduction of GHG by 2030, exploring solutions like RNG for agricultural waste streams, and maintaining a resilient agriculture sector in B.C. through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

Launch of the Partnership Streams of the Low Carbon Economy Challenge

On December 20, the Partnerships stream of the Low Carbon Economy Challenge, the second stream of this major federal climate mitigation-funding program, was launched. The Partnerships stream will provide $50 million in funding for projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate clean growth. This fund is limited to applications from Indigenous communities and organizations, small and medium-sized businesses (less than 500 employees), not-for-profit organizations, and small municipalities (populations of less than 100,000). Final applications will be due March 8, 2019.