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Clean Fuel Standard Discussion Paper

The CBA responded to Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) Clean Fuel Standard Discussion Paper. The CBA supports ECCC’s direction to develop a Clean Fuel Standard to reduce Canada’s GHG emissions through increased use of lower carbon fuels and alternative technologies. The CBA emphasised that with the support of the Clean Fuel Standard the biogas industry can further develop to realize immediate environmental benefits that will accrue to the country and bring co-benefits including cleaner air, increased fuel diversity, and economic benefits from reducing reliance on fossil fuels. The CBA’s Clean Fuel Standard Discussion Paper Submission is available to members.

Food and Organic Waste Framework Stakeholder Working Group

On April 19th, CBA Co-Chair, Paul Taylor, attended the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change’s Food and Organic Waste Framework stakeholder working group consultation. The full day session focused on food waste prevention and diversion. Presentations from food waste consultants, food waste reduction organizations, waste and recycling associations, and ministry representatives provided background for attendees on the importance of food waste reduction. Stakeholders participated in roundtable discussions on food waste prevention and food waste recovery to provide feedback and direction to the MOECC. The next meeting in May will focus on organic material diversion and end markets.

Renewable Natural Gas for Municipalities Webinar

On May 25th, the CBA will be hosting a webinar to present tools and materials covered in the October 2016 and March 2017 Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) for Municipalities workshops. The webinar will cover RNG technologies, tools for measuring GHG reductions, RNG case studies, the financial spreadsheet tool, and connection checklist. Register today and check out the RNG Outreach and Market Development project page for more information on the initiative.