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Dicklands Biogas

Large digester the size of a building

In Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canadian Biogas Association member Dicklands Farms is home to more than 300 head of cattle. Looking to become more environmentally sustainable, the farm has spent the better part of a decade planning and constructing a renewable natural gas (RNG) plant.

The digester at Dicklands Biogas takes in organic waste, including local dairy and poultry manure and food waste from food processing, supermarket and restaurant waste. The plant digests 80,000 tonnes of organic waste into 110,000 GJ of RNG annually. It has a long-term agreement with FortisBC for the gas utility to purchase RNG from the plant.

Since the farm is located on top of two aquifers that overlap each other, this required Dick to think innovatively when designing the plant.

“The digestate is separated into liquids and solids,” says Dick. “The solids are dried and turned into a fertilizer pellet, which we will use on our fields and export to other farms in the valley. The plant’s wastewater is evaporated instead of being stored or spread and the heat from the drying process is also recycled so less energy is used.”

View of the entire Dicklands facility, there are several buildings and a building sized digester

By using nutrient-rich digestate pellets, Dick and other farmers are reducing their reliance on commercial fertilizer. The pellets are 90 percent dry product, which translates into less pressure on the soil and lower transportation needs.

Dick and his farm have been making more than RNG and fertilizer lately, with several news features in local and national outlets.

“It’s really important that you ask a lot of questions and don’t be afraid to ask,” Dick says. “We’ve had the privilege of having the support of our community and other farmers around us, and that was really important for our project.”

Dicklands Biogas benefits the local community through reduced odours, clean water, healthy soils and sustainable waste management opportunities, with zero net greenhouse gas emissions.

The project was also featured as part of CBA’s video series featuring farmers using anaerobic digesters on their farms, along with fellow members Marl Creek Renewables and GrowTEC.

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