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H2S Solutions

H2S Solutions was founded in 1998 by Alan Morison who has over 3 decades experience in the oil and gas industry working in hydrogen sulfide (H2S) environments and designing better systems for removing the dangerous gas. Morison developed a patent in Canada for an environmentally friendly H2S absorption media that is used across Canada to remove H2S from a wide range of gas sources.

Morison worked with the oil and gas industry for a long time and has fairly extensive clientele base. He began to transition to the biogas side as he saw the industry growing and the need for H2S removal solutions. H2S Solutions currently services Western Canada including Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan.

A few years ago, H2S Solutions partnered with SJ Environmental out of Houston, Texas as a manufacturer of the pelletized media and the vessels. SJ Environmental’ s manufacturing process results in higher quality pellets, which makes them more reactive to H2S, providing more value from the product.

The company provides a complete suite of services for sites looking to manage H2S, including engineering and design, installation, and maintenance.

Morison shares “For a potential customer, we ask process questions such as flow rate and percentage of H2S and then size the towers and the system to meet their needs. Based on the design, we have computer predicted results for media change out that work alongside the routine H2S samples the client takes. The system has a lead/lag vessel configuration, so the flow doesn’t need to stop for change out.”

What sets H2S Solutions’ media apart from other H2S removal solutions is its scalability and environmentally friendly nature. The dry media can be applied to any project, since the vessel size and amount of media can be adjusted to the project size and H2S concentrations.

The chemistry of the media is fairly simple. It breaks the hydrogen and sulfide bond and what is left if a non-toxic stack of pellets with embedded elemental sulfur. Currently the pellets are landfilled, but they could be used as an agricultural product as well. The breaking of the hydrogen and sulfide bond eliminates any exothermic reaction that might happen with other adsorption media, like activated carbon, and neutralizes any dangerous H2S gas, making it a safer choice.

Aside from their oil and gas customers, H2S Solutions has their media used at two bioenergy sites in Alberta, including one biogas facility. The biogas facility has been using the adsorption media since February and is currently on their second changeout. They were able to use their existing vessels with the media, making it a seamless transition.

H2S Solutions became a member of the Canadian Biogas Association in April 2024 to make new connections in the industry and introduce their new technology. H2S Solutions will be present at the Value of Biogas West 2024 Conference in Vancouver in October and looks forward to continuing their involvement in the industry.

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