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Scovan Inc.

logoThough less than fifteen years old, Scovan Inc. has made a name for itself in Western Canada with its engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction management (EPFC) approach to energy projects. The Calgary-based organization started out focusing on conventional fuels and has worked to advance green energy projects over the last several years.

Scovan is willing to work with many different kinds of technology and is there throughout the entire project, even giving insight about financial considerations. The company takes pride in providing full-service solutions to its clients, thereby reducing the risk of working with multiple vendors on a single project.

“Our team members are visible every step of the way,” says Brent Lyon, business development director. “This brings a level of accountability that other organizations can’t match.”

At the core of their work is advancing the adoption of new energy options. “It’s important to Scovan that we provide the right solutions at the right time, when they’re needed,” adds Lyon.

Within the last few years, the company began to take note of how much biomass was going unutilized, and even numerous cases where biogas was simply sent to flare. RNG’s potential as a source for fuel long term and its contributions to net zero goals meant moving into the sector was an easy decision.

Their location in Alberta is also an advantage for Scovan, particularly in two areas: its extensive energy history and its regulatory environment.

Lyon notes, “Calgary and Alberta have so much understanding of gases, fuels and impurities that you can’t find elsewhere. And the regulatory environment allows for expedited projects and quick timelines.”

While Western Canada has seen a few RNG projects put on hold lately, Scovan doesn’t see itself moving too far beyond the area. “We’ve done projects in the east and in the States, all the way down to Texas,” says Lyon. “But the opportunity in Western Canada is still there.”

Over the next few years, Scovan believes there’s just too much opportunity for biogas & RNG development to not see a jump in development. Lyons adds that there’s so much biomass to work with – especially in BC and Alberta - that it seems inevitable that growth will continue.

Joining the Canadian Biogas Association (CBA) means that Scovan is in the right place and networking with the right people to see that growth take hold. The CBA’s focus specifically on Canada and the relevance to the Canadian market made becoming a member a no-brainer.

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