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Submit Your Abstracts for Value of Biogas by September 15th

The CBA is currently accepting biogas and renewable natural gas abstracts to be considered for either or both conferences.  Value of Biogas WEST and EAST are Canada’s Premier Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Conferences, and the best way to connect with the industry network.  Please visit our Value of Biogas Call for Abstracts web page for submission details.  The deadline for abstract submissions is September 15th. A reminder to save the date for the Canadian Biogas Association’s exciting and informative annual Value of Biogas conferences.  Value of Biogas WEST will take place in Abbotsford, BC on January 16th and 17th, and Value of Biogas EAST will be in Gatineau on March 22nd and 23rd. Enhance your company’s exposure to municipal, industrial, and agricultural sectors in Canada by becoming a sponsor for the Value of Biogas. Check out our Sponsorship Package and for more information.

Press Release: Suggested Policies to Develop Biogas and RNG Markets

On August 25th, the CBA issued two press releases communicating industry recommendations for policy support to drive development of biogas and renewable natural gas. A national press release highlighted the need for policies that support the development of biogas and RNG across the country. An Ontario specific press release focused on the need to develop RNG markets in light of the emerging policies in the province. CBA is advocating for policies that mandate a renewable content requirement of 10% RNG by 2030, pricing on average of $21/GJ for RNG or $0.18/kWh for renewable electricity to create sustainable biogas business models for facility developers, and funding to support innovation and opportunities to maximize benefits of the proven, low-risk biogas solution.

New Interactive Map: Renewable Natural Gas Projects in British Columbia

The CBA and FortisBC have partnered to develop an interactive Renewable Natural Gas Projects in British Columbia Map.  FortisBC is working closely with their suppliers to bring renewable energy to British Columbians.  In March 2017, the province of BC amended the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Regulation to include a renewable portfolio allowance of up to 5% RNG on the natural gas system. This creates a greater opportunity to grow the RNG supply in BC further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  Renewable natural gas from biogas is a readily available, renewable source of energy and one of the most environmentally sound fuels available for use in BC homes and businesses.