2018 Value of Biogas – East Conference

Positive Outlook for Biogas and RNG

2018 Value of Biogas – East Conference

Momentum is growing nationally for biogas and renewable natural gas (RNG) in Canada. Ontario is balancing a number of environmental policy priorities for which biogas and RNG can offer solutions to, and unveiled plans to build RNG capacity with the release of the Climate Change Action Plan in 2016. In June 2017, The Government of Quebec announced a regulation setting a target of 5% RNG by 2020 and intends to provide financial support for RNG projects to reach a target of 50 Mm3 increase in RNG by 2020 in comparison to 2016.

To capitalize on this momentum, the 2018 Value of Biogas East conference will be held in Gatineau on March 22nd and 23rd, 2018. The conference will profile policy developments and address the topics affecting biogas and RNG today including challenges, opportunities, innovations, developments, and case studies for agricultural, municipal, and industrial projects. Attendees of the 2018 Value of Biogas East will benefit from key learning experiences and valuable networking opportunities in the Canadian biogas sector.

About 2018 Value of Biogas East Conference

The 2018 Value of Biogas East events will be held over two days covering key topics affecting the biogas/RNG industry across the country. March 22nd will include a half-day morning session focused on Moving to a Circular Economy and half-day afternoon session focused on Building Economics of Biogas and RNG. These sessions will be followed by the CBA Annual General Meeting, and evening Networking Dinner.

March 23rd will include a full day agenda with industry and government representatives contributing to timely panel and plenary discussions impacting biogas and RNG. The afternoon will feature concurrent sessions focusing on agricultural and municipal developments.

This conference is anticipated to attract more than 250 attendees comprised of biogas/RNG developers involved in agricultural and municipal sectors including landfill, waste management, and wastewater; product and service technology companies; government policy makers; utilities; investors; academics; and more! A preliminary program can be found here.

Value of Biogas East will be hosted in Gatineau, Quebec on March 22nd and 23rd at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Hyperlink to venue.

Registration – 2018 VOB East

Register before February 1st, 2018 and save $100 for the Value of Biogas East Conference.

Registration Fees and Deadlines

Session Date Time Rates
Feb 1st and
Mar 19th, 2018
Mar 19th, 2018
Walk-In Rates
Moving Towards a Circular Economy Mar 22nd Half-Day AM No Charge No Charge
Building Economics of Biogas and RNG Mar 22nd Half-Day PM    
CBA-Member     $100 $300
Non-Member     $150 $300
CBA Annual General Meeting Mar 22nd PM No Charge No Charge
Networking Dinner Mar 22nd PM $75 $75
VOB East        
CBA-Member Mar 23rd Full Day $300 $600
Non-Member Mar 23rd Full Day $400 $600

If you wish to attend only the half-day session ‘’Moving Towards a Circular Economy” the morning of March 22nd, please click here to fill out the registration form. By doing so, you will have access only to this session. You will not be able to attend the remainder of the day’s events or the events held on Friday, March 23rd.

If you are interested in registering for the full Value of Biogas East conference, March 22 -23, 2018 (March 22nd: Moving Towards a Circular Economy; Building Economics of Biogas and RNG; Annual General Meeting; Networking Dinner; and/or March 23rd VOB East), please click on the appropriate button below

Cancellation Policy – Prior to January 1st, 2018 cancellations and refunds will be accepted with a $25 administration fee, which is non-refundable. After January 1, 2018, delegates are welcome to name another attendee to attend in his/her place, no refunds will be processed.

Sponsors/Exhibitors – 2018 VOB East


If you have an interest in sponsoring the 2018 Value of Biogas East Conference, check out the sponsorship package (pdf) for more details or contact Sarah Stadnyk at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


The Value of Biogas East conference will include an exhibitor showcase comprised of biogas/RNG product and service providers. For all exhibitor and sponsorship questions, please email Sarah Stadnyk at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Exhibitor Hours and Floor Plan

The Value of Biogas conference will include an exhibitor showcase comprised of biogas/RNG product and service providers. Exhibiting will commence on Thursday, March 22, 2018 at 12:00 p.m. and run until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 23, 2018.

All meals and breaks will be served in the main exhibit area to encourage maximum exposure to our vendors. A floor plan will be shared with exhibitors closer to the event dates.

Set-up and Tear Down Times

Set-up will take place on Thursday, March 22 from 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
Tear down is Friday, March 23 from 3:45 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Booth Space

The CBA offers a complete booth package valued at $2,000.00 + HST (Members), $2,500.00 + HST (Non Members). The complete booth package includes:

  • 10X10 exhibit space
  • One 6’ skirted table and two chairs on carpeted surface
  • Additional items (i.e. TV’s, monitors, etc.) may be ordered directly thought the hotel and can be coordinated with the Exhibitor Contact.

Member Registration

If you are a CBA Member, please proceed to the 2018 Value of Biogas Conference member registration page.

Venue – 2018 VOB East

The Value of Biogas East Conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Gatineau, Quebec.

Travel and Accommodation

A block of rooms has been reserved for Value of Biogas delegates. To book, please contact the hotel reservation desk directly at 819-778-3880 and note your affiliation with the Value of Biogas East Conference.

For those flying into Ontario, Ottawa airport (YOW) is a 20 minute drive to the conference venue. The downtown Ottawa train station at 200 Tremblay Road is a 15 minute drive to the conference venue. Car rental service and taxis are available at the airport and train station.


The Canadian Biogas Association appreciates the generous support and sponsorship of the 2018 Value of Biogas events.






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2018 Value of Biogas East Program Agenda

Half Day Sessions, AGM and Networking Dinner

Thursday March 22nd from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm


  Moving Towards a Circular Economy - 8:00 am – 12:00 pm  
8:00 am – 8:30 am Breakfast and Registration    
8:30 am – 9:00 am Introduction to the Proposed Food and Organic Waste Framework
Attendees will be provided with an introduction and update to the proposed Food and Organic Waste Framework and its implications for municipalities.
9:00 am – 10:00 am Considerations for Municipalities and Converting Organic Feedstock into RNG
Experts share perspectives on pretreatment, project development and RNG production considerations to inform municipal decision making in generating RNG from diverted organics.
  • The Operators Perspective of SSO Organics Pretreatment for Anaerobic Digestion - Doug Beattie, CCI Bioenergy
  • Project Development Considerations - Mike Muffles, GHD
  • Utility Perspective: Requirements of a Municipal RNG Producer - Mary Evers, Andrew Welburn, Enbridge Gas Distribution
10:00 am – 10:30 am Break    
10:30 am – 11:00 am A Comprehensive Look at North American Organics Policies and Programs
  • Brian Guzzone, ERG and Global Methane Initiative
11:00 am – 12:00 pm Lessons Learned and Case Studies from Other Jurisdictions
Municipalities across Canada are interested in developing RNG projects. Hear about their development processes and experiences as well as lessons learned from across North America.
  • Successful Project Examples in North America - Chris Voell, USEPA and Global Methane Initiative
  • Curbing Greenhouse Gas Emissions through Co-Digestion - Michael Theodoulou, Suez Water Technologies & Solutions
  • St. Hyacinthe Biomethanation Plant - Donald Beverly, Énergir
12:00 pm – 12:10 am RNG INet Introduction
Learn about the Canadian RNG information sharing network founded to facilitate discussion and information exchange amongst RNG stakeholders to enhance awareness of RNG developments in Canada.
12:10 pm – 12:30 pm Lunch and Networking    
  Building Economics of Biogas and RNG - 1:30 – 4:00 pm  
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Financing Biogas and RNG Projects and Understanding Tax Incentives
Find out how federal government tax incentives and lenders can support biogas and RNG development and the ins and outs of setting up the right business structure for your project.
  • Federal Tax Incentives Investments in Biogas Projects - Michel Francoeur, NRCan, Kimberley Wharram, CRA
  • Understanding Corporate Structures - Francois Bourgeois, BDO
  • Financing Approaches for Biogas and RNG Projects
2:30 pm – 3:00 pm Break    
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm The Role of Biogas and RNG in North American Carbon Markets
An introduction to North American carbon markets and the opportunities for biogas and RNG projects to market environmental credits.
  • Economics of RNG in the US - Faizal Hassan, Element Markets
  • Carbon Markets in Ontario and Quebec – Tej Gidda, GHD
  • Leveraging Environmental Markets for Biogas and RNG Projects - Jamie MacKinnon, Bluesource
4:00 pm – 4:30 pm Break or Registration    
4:30 pm – 5:30 pm Annual General Meeting
Canadian Biogas Association members in good standing will hear a summary of 2017 achievements, progress and financial review for the Association and updates on 2018 activities and priorities. Members will also acknowledge the voluntary contributions of the past year and elect new Board of Director members.
5:30 pm – 6:00 pm Break    
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Networking Dinner
Join us for the networking dinner where you can catch-up with familiar faces and make new connections. The three-course dinner also features a Keynote Address from Patrick Foody, Executive Vice President of Advanced Biofuels at Iogen, and the First Annual Canadian Biogas Industry Awards.

2018 Value of Biogas East Conference

Friday March 23rd from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


8:00 – 8:30 am Breakfast & Registration    
8:30 – 9:00 am Welcome Remarks
Momentum is growing nationally for biogas and renewable natural gas (RNG), but where have we come in developing biogas and RNG projects in Canada? Learn about trends and policy drivers in provinces where biogas and RNG activity is taking off and taking shape.
  • Jennifer Green, Canadian Biogas Association
9:00 am – 9:20 am Keynote Speaker
  • Kim Rudd, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Natural Resources
9:20 am – 10:00 am Federal Spotlight: Biogas and RNG Support for Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard
Canada’s Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) is the single biggest carbon-fighting policy in the Pan-Canadian Framework. As a modern, flexible, performance-based approach to incent the use of a broad range of lower carbon fuels, the CFS will be key in driving the increased use of biogas and RNG. Learn more about the CFS design framework and the important role for biogas and RNG to support Canada’s GHG reduction targets.
Moderator: Jennifer Green, Canadian Biogas Association<
Panelists: John Moffet, Environment and Climate Change Canada; Greg Rampley, Natural Resources Canada; Tom Rosser, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada,
10:00 am – 10:30 am Networking and Refreshments    
10:30 am – 11:30 am Provincial Roundtable: Enabling RNG Markets in British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario
Developments across Canada are creating more opportunities than ever before for producers to sell RNG for grid-injection. A panel of industry experts will speak to the current state of RNG markets in British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario, including processes and timelines related to interconnection, procurement and contracting.
Moderator: Paul Cheliak, Canadian Gas Association
Panelists: Donald Beverly, Énergir; Tim Short, Enbridge Gas Distribution; Colton Aston, FortisBC
11:30 am – 12:15pm Opportunities for Biogas and RNG in Transportation, Buildings and Industry
As a renewable drop-in fuel that can use existing infrastructure, what are the options for near-term deployment of biogas and RNG? Discover how the versatile fuel can offer solutions to reduce GHG emissions and achieve ancillary benefits in multiple priority sectors.
Moderator: Brad DeMaeyer, Union Gas Limited
Panelists: Olivier Sylvestre, EBI Energie; Jean Roberge, Greenfield Global
12:15 pm – 12:25pm Perspectives on U.S. RNG & Global Methane Initiative
Hear a brief commentary about RNG in the U.S., and learn more about the Global Methane Initiative and the Global Methane Forum in Toronto (April 16-18, 2018)
Chris Voell, USEPA and Global Methane Initiative
12:25 – 1:30 pm Lunch and Networking    
1:30-2:20 pm Stream A – Agricultural Biogas and RNG Opportunities
Moderator: Matt Dickson, Hallbar Consulting
Improving Efficiency: Latest technological advances and operational adjustments
Optimizing operation of agricultural biogas projects is essential for a successful venture. Learn about the latest developments in feedstock pre-treatment and foam prevention with this expert panel.
  • Hydrolysis Treatment Installation for Deadstock Pre-Processing - Stefan Michalski, Lethbridge Biogas
  • Technology development for feedstock pretreatment in Anaerobic digestions process - Niloofar Abdehagh, CHFour Biogas
  • Causes and remedies for foam at AD plants, Canadian and German Experience - David Ellis, Azura Associates; Udo Hölker, Schaumann BioEnergy Consult GmbH
Stream B - Municipal Session

Driving Innovation: Municipal Technology Showcase (1:30 – 2:30 pm)
Discover biogas and RNG technologies that are essential to maximizing municipal projects and overcoming challenges to generate low-carbon energy and meet sustainability targets. Leading technology providers discuss pre-treatment options, RNG production and CHP technologies and how it can be applied to municipal projects.
Moderator: Donald Beverly, Énergir
  • Pre-treatment techniques available and examples of achievements - Guillaume Loir, Xergi
  • PSA Biogas Breakthrough in Challenging Landfill and WWTP Gases - Amir Ghasdi, Xebec Adsorption
  • CHP – Maximising your Biogas Potential - Pat Carr, 2G Energy
  • Challenges and Opportunities for RNG Production - Shivaji Ramalingam, DMT Clear Gas Solutions
  • Anaerobic Digestion of microalgae using an upflow anaerobic sludge blanked (UASB) reactor system: Validation at pilot scale - Phillippe Salama, National Research Council
2:20 – 3:15 pm Maximizing Agricultural Biogas Projects (2:20 – 3:15 pm) Explore new opportunities and lessons learned for agricultural biogas and RNG projects. Successful and innovative case studies highlight projects that are taking full advantage of their biogas potential with compact solutions and RNG production.
  • Connecting a rural community based agri-food-to-RNG projects’ lessons learned with those Canadian farm operators who can benefit - Philippe Khairallah, Verdemobil Biogaz
  • As small (and as good) as it gets, Harcolm Farms Pocket Digester - John Hawkes, Martin Energy Group
  • Kevin Matthews, CCI Bioenergy
Developing Successful Municipal Biogas and RNG Projects (2:30 – 3:15 pm)
Learn about trailblazing biogas and RNG projects in Eastern Canada. Case studies provide insights on the process of developing and executing municipal biogas and RNG projects, and economic and environmental benefits to the community.
Moderator: Paul Taylor, Bio-En Power Inc.
  • A Circular Clean Economy: RNG Production at the City of St. Hyacinthe’s WWTP - Antonio Saavedra, Greenlane Biogas
  • Biogas to RNG – Dufferin Organics Processing Facility - Carlyle Khan, City of Toronto; Ian Mcpherson, Enbridge Gas Distribution
  • Joe Panetta, Grimsby Energy
3:15 – 3:45 pm Networking and Refreshments    
3:45 - 4:45 pm Biogas and RNG Future Innovations – Taking us Further to Reach Our Targets
Interest in biogas and RNG has surged with increased need for new low-carbon supplies of fuel. A panel of experts discuss new and emerging innovative technologies as alternatives to further support biogas and RNG production in Canada and help meet future renewable content requirements.
  • Mixed Waste Processing - Thomas McLenaghan and Travis Richards, Region of Peel
  • Power to Gas Technology and its Role in the RNG Mix - Ricardo Hamdan, Hitachi Zosen Inova
4:45 – 5:00 pm Closing Remarks